• Josh T

    Chance can’t rap at all.

  • DeezNuts

    chance is dope, but not off the top

  • _R

    Stfu,,,, Lil nigga up there havin fun with it

  • JoeyTeggaratti

    Too bad they werent ready… I felt bad listening to this, at least chance had fun with it. Talib got humanized and exposed for not having the complete freestyle gift some used to have back in the day. Just show up with something ready man… anything…

  • FTW

    Talib, freestyle was horrible. Oh well, can’t when em all. Corey prali should a spit a written.

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  • Andrew

    one of the worst freestyles I’ve seen. hat is off to them.

  • Rod

    Corey would ruin it with a written

  • SMD

    you faggots complain about rapper not going off the top and when they actually do you call it garbage? You niggas need to make up your minds LOL