Kanye Debuts Video Across The World

“Fuck you and your Hampton house/ I’ll fuck your Hampton spouse”

Yeezy season has officially begun. Kanye is currently premiering his video “New Slaves” by projecting the clip on 66 buildings in 10 cities around the world. Here’s footage from Williamsburg in Brooklyn.


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  • Ant619hony

    When is Eminem season going to officially begin? Hopefully soo, I want to hear some good music.

  • D Twice

    What da fuck was that bullshit at the end? Kim K is sucking all the creativity out of this nigga.

  • Phil

    What the fuck? This motherfucker trying to be the guy at the end of The Wizard of Oz?

    New Slaves. Yeah, a slave to Shady.

  • Yo Kid

    Kanye West is the premiere ARTIST of our time. Pay homage bi*ches and be glad you got to witness his career first hand.

  • creo

    Kanye need 2worry bout taking dat blood test lol making sure dat baby his. Sucka ass nigga wifed a rat. Bitch pussy made U.S. Tour wit all the ballers n entertainers. Then again he did say on MDTF that he was going marry a porno star.watch what u say kanye lol

  • creo

    Kanye is overrated yo kid foh! Dnt act like he never had ghost writers bitch. Its well know fact. He aint no nas or em!

  • Tev Milli

    Too many haters in the comments…..
    Hatin on another black man success….
    The usual….
    That’s all I have 2 say

  • Original Ty

    He’s such a perfectionist about some things……… yet he continues to sing SMH.

    As for the flow, the subject matter is interesting. What do you call the people that helped lead the “New Slaves” into slavery? If people are slaves to “stuff” now, the niggas with the mics said buy it. Ye included. People should be smarter than that but we all know most aren’t.

    Thought provoking stuff though Ye. I will never be mad at being made to think, whether or not I agree with the commentary.

  • DNL

    this nigga is living my dream forreal! kanye west is a legend ARTISTICALLY, no one else would even fathem to do half the shit he does…btw i know it sound like im swingin on ’em but this shit was amazing…kiss land bitches

  • TImeChange

    this is the type of kanye i like,that cant tell me nothing kanye, use that rage to talk about something real. i like that soulful sounding shit at the end.

  • DoinTooMuch

    Sounds dope. Here’s to hoping we get some “touch the sky” and “jesus walks’ type kanye instead of that other bullshit.

  • ECU

    Can’t to see him on SNL

  • NIGAA NIGGA fairhaven

    heres the whole song

  • the brain trust

    Co-sign @ Original Ty

    The subject matter sounds fascinating. It seems like a fleshed out version of something he explored on ‘All Falls Down’. Being a slave to materialism & all that.

    It does seem a bit odd coming from the guy who infamously said ‘Lanvin thousand dollar Tees with no logos’ though.

    *Shrugs* I guess that’s the brilliant/contradictory nature of Mr. West.

    Oh btw, the singing sounds god awful.

  • Black Shady

    New Kanye, new Cole, new Em, new Drake……we gettin a lot of music this summer!!!

  • creo

    @tev milli stfu bitch. Niggaz always saying black ppl hating n holding each other back. U act like ppl aint getting they own money in having they own success. Freedom of speech hoe dnt be mad ppl exercise they right 2say wtf they want. U aint nobody master! U act like u on kanye payroll. Niggaz always taking up 4the wrong ppl. Kanye say he god n u want 2 b his disciple.fucking judas mind ur own bussiness bitch

  • Megamind

    This shit is wack and contrived, sounds forced. No hate, just a matter of opinion. I will never give a pass to people to tell you to be anti-something, when they’ve spent the majority of their time advertising it to you. This IS the “louie vuitton don” right? He did want everyone to have “mercy” as in murcielgo? He hasn’t said something of substance in a long time. He has flashes of brillance but he’s mostly off the rails lately.

    Genius is not a term i used lightly and i’ll give it to Kanye…but he’s outta tricks. He’s not innovative anymore, he’s doing things because he has the resources to do them, that don’t make it ground breaking. People act like his music is the piece de resistance. I’m a hip-hopper in my late 30s a culture maven and i give everything the benefit unless it’s just ultra wack. Kendrick’s album is the best hip-hop album to come out in a LONG time. It’s real, it connect, lyrics, beats and a FKN MESSAGE (listen intently to Sing For Me and Black Boy Fly…that shit is beyond amazing).

    Back to Ye, this cat is a leech. Peep how his team constantly changes AS does his rap style.

    First 3 albums – his team: Really Doe, Rhymefest, Malik Yusef, GLC, Cons, Common
    808s – CUDI (that’s fkn Cudi album…peep the credits! he wrote Heartless), Cons, Common
    Fantasy/Cruel Summer – Pusha T, Big Sean, 2Chainz
    Its not coincidence he SOUNDS like the people who are around him…bc they are writing on his project. I won’t say duke ain’t writing at all but if you can hear the sea-change in his sound, your head is up your ass.

  • creo

    MegaMind i co sign ur thoughts brother. Ppl confuse hate wit the truth.dnt get me wrong kanye is koo i buy his albums, but he dnt write or produce everything he do. Everytime he do album he hires everybody n act like its all his thoughts n hardwork. Then the dick ridaz front like he a super genius. No hate just facts plus he act like a bitch wit dat big ego. Its other artists who dnt need help n dnt get the respect they really worked for

  • Nick

    this dude is dangerously approaching what russell brands character in forgetting sarah marshall did with “african child.” peep the reference.

  • Nathaniel

    @megamind and @creo

    the substance has always been in kanye’s music. but his outlook isn’t what it used to be. his life, fame, popularity, wealth, access, and resources have changed/grown/increased, so his HONEST perspective changed, too.

    when kendrick travels the entire earth, buys expensive clothes, cars, etc. you won’t hear good kid maad city out of him anymore. it’s just a fact of life. “growing up in compton” is his most prevalent experience. it wont be like that in 5 years.

    back to ye…. resources always = more innovation. it allows you to “get out your dreams”, fully. and if a nigga worth millions buys a $1,000 t-shirt, and tells you about it. but you only make 10’s of thousands annually, and you waste your money on that. he’s getting building wealth constantly, you’re killing your ability to grow your worth with foolishness… that’s not his fault.

    again, there’s much substance on graduation, 808’s, MBDTF, and WTT. he’s just in a different space. don’t be surface dwellers.

  • Abro

    Mr West maybe be losing it. All that time proving that he’s still…, whatever, he lost it. He doesn’t even make his own beat anymore… You did this Kik K

  • ROYALmike

    Yezzy always come Fresh and with something you never seen before

  • Nathaniel

    something i’ve been thinking about lately… it may be time the narrow sphere we view hip hop out of changes. in every genre of music, writing is a collaborative thing, particularly in hopes of bringing forth the “best” product, as the song-creators see it.

    many of us have our opinions on what makes hip hop, hip hop. but hip hop is new. Black music is ancient. Black artistic expression changes and evolves in every continent we inhabit, and with every social or economic state we find ourselves in. so i’d urge y’all to look at what these super influential giants in Black music are doing as just that: Black music. hip hop is just the most modern expression of it. but there’s no stagnant definition. i know it hurts. but we, personally, don’t dictate the times ourselves. either find functional use in the times as they change, or fall out of time and get left behind in an era that’ll never return.

  • i stopped this video i dont wanna hear this shit while looking at his face on a building. too fuckin weird
    Hit me for beats http://www.onemanent.com @OneManBeats

  • Trillionare

    @DNL No nigga he is living his dreams… You are just dreaming

  • yea

    this is dope.

  • Tev Milli

    @ creo
    “Freedom of speech hoe dnt be mad ppl exercise they right 2say wtf they want.”
    Dumbass nigga wat u think I was doin….
    Ur whole post was fuckin stupid….
    Don’t respond bac 2 me and be the bitch made nigga that u r……

    Psalm 82:6
    I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the Most High.
    That’s all I have 2 say


    basic as fuck

  • fixyourself


  • creo

    @ nathanIel u have sum valid points but still if u call yourself a artist u should be able 2do it yourself. In be happy wit ur best effort. When u use everybody 2 create a body of work n act like u the goat it just seems like u lazy wit ur craft. If u wrote or produced 4 kanye n sat back while he shine off ur hardwork u might look at his legacy differently. In a way he a fraud. Imagine pac,big,jay doing what he do. Would we still look at them as the legends 2our great culture.

  • LILwop

    Genius. Lyrics and concept. Wake up.

  • Megamind

    @nathaniel –
    Thanks for the reply but i’m far from a surface dweller. (to get on my Kanye shit) I REALLY do this shit, I’m GAINFULLY employed in the entertainment business. So when I speak I TRY to speak from a POV of an insider, I’m indifferent to most shit. (I’m not bragging fam) But I can name you artist who’s perspectives didn’t change bc they got money – Tupac (he was wild but he stayed on message) Outkast (Big & 3k), Em, Hov (he’s ALWAYS been about opulence and gawdy – his money opened it up his perspective. He was still bragging BUT it was also aspirational and inspirational) – Kanye talks about brands. I did say he has flashes of brilliance.

    But resources DON’T ALWAYS bring more innovation! I can attest to that. He now records in hotel rooms and sweets because he want’s to be different. That’s more expensive and what’s innovative about it? Stevie, Marvin, MJ or The Beatles didn’t do that shit. Showing a video on the sides of bldgs is cool but people do that all the time, so what’s new about that? His videos are ALWAYS a testament to his ego, they are always MOSTLY performance pieces. Never really coinciding with the actual lyrics of the song.If i’m wrong, let me know.

    And most def Kendrick’s perspective will change but you can hear from his content NOW that he will not make a 180 from the lyrics and story telling, it’s what he does best. Go listen to Overly Dedicated and Section 80.

    And you know why old money last generations and mostly ALL our athletes and entertainers from the hiphop generation go broke – OPULENCE and spending more than you earn. Notice I said from the hiphop gen, meaning the last 35yrs. You rarely hear about old guard black actors/athletes going broke. ie Bill Cosby, Quincey Jones, Jim Brown, etc. I’m not saying it don’t happen. But for one, they didn’t make as much back then, so they had to learn to be responsible with the little they did make….i lost my train of thought lol

    Bottom line fam, we can’t keep making excuse about this grown ass man and his unbecoming and erratic behavior. If this was a cat you knew personally, we would all have BEEN dismissed this cat.
    It appears his outlook has taken a turn for the worse.

  • Megamind

    PS – what’s genius abt saying you fkd a hampton wife? and saying “n*gga” every other word?
    he’s not even saying it in a context. For those who will hear this on the surface, the title and lyrics will immediately turn them off..and we know its not for everyone but at the same time, its not like he’s point out his role in MAKING new slaves.

    Follow no man or hang on to their every word, bc they will ALWAYS lead you astray

  • Rozay

    I cosign what megamind said Kanye is running out of ideas now he is just doing shit for the hell of it, His first few albums are my favorite, different doesn;t always mean good, and people who are real fans are not afraid to criticize someone just because they are one of their favorite artist, no one is above criticism even the great ones my favorite rapper eminem wore the fuck out of them accents then he got criticized for it and made better music the same with my second fave rapper Jay-Z he makes a lot of dope shit but sometimes he gets lazy and puts out bullshit not because I don’t understand it but because it’s not that good but like Jay says “just the sound of his voice is a hit” that’s why him and Kanye get away with it.

  • creo


  • DeeperThanYouThink

    @Megamind What you are saying makes sense to a certain degree, but if you pay attention properly Kanye also acknowledges that he is a victim of this NEW SLAVERY. If you listened carefully, you will know that he broke down different levels of this slavery, in this case he is a RICH NIGGA SLAVE, Which is why he lashes out and says FUCK the corporations, and says they can’t control him. Kanye is not new to beng socially conscious in his music and he is not new to criticizing himself and acknowledging his imperfection. This is why his art is so good, because he is brutally honest. Please listen to All Falls Down, Clique then New Slaves again, and tell if you do not recognize Yeezy talking about this race shit and the complicated box that most black people are in.

  • creo

    @rozay thank u finally sum1 who knows wtf they talking bout. Megamind too yall both speaking the real @tev milli u bitch u see what talking bout we can say what we want without bitches like u calling it hate. We know what we talking bout otherwise we wouldnt say it. Calling it hate is the cowards new way of Trying 2slience real talk. As a man i dnt want the young cats 2 fall victim 2 the hype. Fuck ego being humble n true 2 yourself go a long way. Its very rare u get dat substance.money n success shouldnt change character

  • Tev Milli

    @ creo
    Take a break from the computer…
    I bet I got ur blood pressure through the roof rite now….
    U came in this bitch hatin re-read ur 1st post u dumbass nigga….
    Take ur cap locks off….
    The only nigga speaking facts is Nathaniel….
    Kanye won awards how is he overrated….
    Then u gonna u buy his albums….
    Nigga make up ur bittersweet ass mind u stupid ass nigga….
    That’s all I have 2 say

  • DeeperThanYouThink


  • Jaymalls

    this is more THAN dope… artistically and creatively on another level compared to 99% of he rapper out now! But niggas will hate as usual… it just mean you’re doing your thing and niggas is mad that they haven’t accomplished 1/10th of what you have yet…

    “Dem seh di truth hurt, Who caan tek it haffi splurt, /Run lef dem blouse skirt…”

  • Tev Milli

    @ creo
    First of @Megamind & @Rozay backed their shit up unlike ur bitch ass and I respected their opinion and I agree with @Megamind 2 a point….
    How u gonna tell me 2 mind my business and replied 2 my comment….
    Stupid ass nigga ur posts towards me makes no sense, stop contradicting yourself…
    That’s all I have 2 say

  • BBC]frober

    wack, it’s a shame for hip hop, thx god we have new great artists…

  • creo


  • alphs

    extremely average

  • creo

    Tev I tell u what i want u a bitch. 1st its nat the only1 speaking fact.then its megamind n rozay.which side u on faggot! It cnt be both sides cuz its 2different points being expressed. That shows u a bitch run for shelter hoe

  • Megamind

    @Deeper…i’ve listen to ALL those songs and i acknowledge that Ye did/does sometime have some social commentary but whatever voice he HAD has been drowned out by his ego. I can’t take this dude serious anymore bc you can’t serve 2 masters. And i know ALL entertainers are hypocrites but no one lately is more of an oxymoron than this guy.

    Someone said it best in one of these forums the other day, i’m paraphrasing “kanye open pandora’s box…he wanted to be famous, etc but not he want to close the box and that’s NOT how the box work…” He can’t HATE the media but impregnate a woman whose whole existence is predicated on the media. How can anyone of intellect and sound mind take someone serious talking about “new slaves” but saying the n-word throughout the record. Go listen to Nas “Black Zombies” that’s a great narrative in where this new Ye song is trying to go.

    I personally just think duke is damn near too far gone, he’s losing his relatibility, He’s just rapping.
    What’s the context of this record? It’s not like he’s putting out the N*gger album or a body of work around this to put it in context. I could be wrong…but i doubt. It’ll be filled with rage and anger and self pity and brands..OH and his chick being better than yours.

    In closing for the night, i guess I’m tough on him because it’s like a draft pick that you saw had MAD potential but just stop trying. Recording in Paris in hotel suites isn’t innovative, esp. when Chief Keef will be a part of that project. It shows that he’s just riding the wave of whats hot now. More power to him i guess. I’ll keep bumping the Kendrick, Nas, Jay, Kast, Tribe and Ye’s old shit. He’s such a dick, it almost stains his record. You ever hear the saying of never meet you hero (not that he’s my hero..i’m a Pac/Rakim dude) bc they will surely disappoint you.

    peace i’m out…getting a massage in the morning! LOL
    Long live Hip-hop and civil debating!

  • creo

    @tev the reason i even shot at u is cuz u wit dat coward shit saying sum1 hating on another blackman success n hating as usual dats all i have 2say punk shit. If we want 2say fuck him then it is what it is. Why it got 2 be hate on his success? So when i say mind ur business dats what i mean. U must be a punk cuz cowards always use hate as a excuse. Shit aint hate.hate is a strong expression. Trust only ppl i hate is ppl i want 2 c dead. I dnt even hate u i think u bitch tho

  • Tev Milli

    @ creo
    Nigga u need a girl & a hobby 4real u take shit 2 serious that’s not good 4 ur health sooner or later while u try 2 respond 2 me u gonna catch a heart attack….
    Again wit ur weak ass post I KNOW he didn’t do it alone dumbass….
    And the reason why I say “That’s all I Have 2 say” because in THIS post….
    That’s all I have 2 say



  • creo

    My point is next time u want 2 say sum1 hating put a name wit dat statement. Dnt be a bitch n coward.u see i said ur name so every1 know who im talkin bout. Dats all im saying be a man bout ur shit not a coward.

  • creo

    I respect nathaniel cuz he put my name out there n address me as a man. I never disrespect him cuz he didnt do it in a coward way. Respect it goes both ways

  • Tev Milli

    @ creo
    The reason why I said Hatin on another black man success The usual because that’s how it is, white America hates Ye period he will never win them back TMZ and all them gossip media websites make him seem like the devil but wen I see Ye do this type of shit I want him 2 win, I want him 2 be remember as a icon because I kno white America can’t stand him; name a Artists who did some shit like this….creative as fuck, Tupac was my favorite but obviously he’s at rest Kanye comes the closes in MY opinion because he’s the only rapper out that speaks his mind and do what he wants and they both got parents who come from the black panthers that’s why the act that why but I love that shit, it’s already bad enough that white people hate him and now when I come here blacks hate just as bad….crazy

    That’s all I have 2 say

  • Tev Milli

    If I wanted 2 call u I would have point blank…
    But I didn’t have 2 cuz look @ the outcome Ha!…
    That’s all I have 2 say

  • creo

    Well dat make sense i cnt disagree wit dat. At the same time he could straighten up his act.instead of making himself look bad. Its young blk bros dats gonna follow his lead. When he 1st came out he was humble not ego driven. I want him 2win too dats why i buy all his albums. But i miss the old kanye. Sorta like mayweather i wish he wasnt so cocky so he could get the credit he deserves. When u act a fool ppl view u as 1. Being humble allows ur greatness 2fully shine without the contempt

  • gammaboi

    Sounds like Clique.
    This sound is getting old.

  • Tev Milli

    creo on Saturday, May 18 2013 at 2:32 AM
    Well dat make sense i cnt disagree wit dat. At the same time he could straighten up his act.instead of making himself look bad. Its young blk bros dats gonna follow his lead. When he 1st came out he was humble not ego driven. I want him 2win too dats why i buy all his albums. But i miss the old kanye. Sorta like mayweather i wish he wasnt so cocky so he could get the credit he deserves. When u act a fool ppl view u as 1. Being humble allows ur greatness 2fully shine without the contempt
    Now u see what I mean I hope Kendrick & J.Cole doesn’t go down that path they’re the only new humble rappers that’s out…Kanye started actin up cuz he bac his shit up so that’s why it wasnt such a big problem but after that Taylor swift shit and all the little thngs b4 that caught up 2 him

    That’s all I have 2 say

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  • Tbones

    LMAO @ dickriders getting all wet and all for this crap of rap Kanye just dropped like its the best thing since slice bread. This nigga even tryna hit notes at the end of the wack song. SMH

  • smokehouse

    Nevermind, this was insanely good. Total faith in him again. Jesus that ripped.

  • yoyoyo

    @megamind, i dont understand where you coming from saying the word ‘nigger’ isn’t used in context, the song is based around the concept of the black man being a slave, which is the lowest of the low…aka a nigger. go listen to another dope MC from Chi town ADD-2 and his song cotton fields, a brilliant commentary on black slavery and he uses the word nigger throughout. Although i do agree to an extent with some of your thoughts…especially the cheef keef shit, how is kanye realistically going to make a ‘classic’ album and have keef on the credits, guys a joke n the industry, fair enough use young chop as he makes dope beats, but keef just mumbled over them ‘hit’ songs he had.
    At the end of the day, Ye is a legend, he will in all likelihood go down as top 2 greatest of all time, everyone of his albums broke boundaries and received critical acclaim like no other rap album has been able to do. Hes a visionary but his new direction might just be too much for hip-hop heads that support his music, especially if he uses thit EDM shit, aint nobody got time for that

  • WestCoast

    Gay ass nigga
    Where the fuck is Kanye when you need him?

  • Realtalk

    I’ll reserve full judgement on this until I actually hear the full CDQ of this a few times, seems to me though like Ye is trying to experiment and cross genres etc to become a great artist in the Beatles, MJ mould, whereas we all just want him to come back with pure hip hop and be a great rapper. I hope he doesn’t lose track of his musical roots

  • Evil

    Nothing to make a fuzz about.The song is average at best,im disappointed

  • FreshJ’S

    66th comment. We dont exist

  • Jay z is old as hell




  • StarFox64

    i mean the whole idea of this was cool and creative, the projector videos in different locations, but the song shoulda been way better..

  • e

    Niggas thats hating dont understand that this song has the best subject matter of any kanye sinse the college dropout and late registration, and the only reason yall hating is because yall don’t know what he is talking about.

  • davirus212

    All I see is a bunch of bitching in these comments. He puts out one song and he’s finished/overrated. Wtf??? Prolly from the same niggas that say Wayne is the best rapper alive. Niggas ain’t creative no more. Kanye is.

  • davirus212

    Since when dude put out a bad album??? Exactly. But yet y’all came here to hate as if he’s been doing horrible lately. MBDTF was crazy. Last solo album wasn’t a disappointment. So why do y’all let one song put y’all thongs in a bunch???

  • Trell

    Fuck how he chose to premiere the video, listen to the fucking lyrics, this sounds nothing like any of his previous songs. smh ya’ll are too obsessed with the image and forgot about the substance of the music. Now give it a second listen.

  • rahrahrah

    Bitches in here writing essays? It ain’t that serious bruh.

  • Jay z is old as hell

    kanye kept jay z alive musically ever since blueprint 1

    yall niggas dont know music yall only know hype

  • StarFox64

    lol kanye is the one leading the “new slaves” movement in the first fucking place..


    lol the people in the windows like fuck outta here tryna sleep

  • Facts

    Wakidiwack, just like everything Kanye ever did. Glad his 15 minutes are almost over

  • W33d~RolL-Up

    Kanye kill’t that sh*t, joint was tufF….

  • Pissed

    That was some of the best Kanye I’ve heard in a while… Hope the album is just as good

  • is this meant to be good smh

  • Rudi

    2.40 strarting a hungarian song: omega – gyöngyhajú lány: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZR6dfjp6bE

  • *I’d rather be a dick than a swallower* – Great line!

  • Space Ghost

    Lyrics are dope. Production is risky and that is why he is Wizard in the music game. Begin the change. Slow up on all the 808 drums and take it somewhere new. I’m with this just as soon as I get a CD Quality version.

    As for all the haters, if Jay Electronica had did this, you would all be drooling. This is dope!

  • K.O.



    kanye West has always contradicted himself in his music. He’s even pointed it out himself. Shit, so has 2pac told me to “toss it up” then turned around and told me to “keep my head up” A lot of artist put facades to reach different demographics. Everyone can’t be Talib or Common…anyways this song is hot ass hell…idc what those other raggedy “opinions” state


    @facts 15 mins?? have a seat it’s been 11 years…

  • Dope thx you that is sick and he is saying something @Trolling even he is done you dont existed

  • idsgb

    Respect the message however it may come because there are no Ghandis, Martin Luther Kings, Malcom Xs on the horizon. We’re all we got!

  • Del

    I fucks wit this

  • this is what defines DOPE.
    ‘Ye is one step ahead of all yall rappers.


  • County Of Kings

    @facts……15min? really? since blueprint 1? 15 min? really? ok

    i like the song, i like the presentation. the fucked up shit is that kanye is cheating. he can easily be more creative then other rappers cuz other rappers almost have no creativity whatsoever so kanye can just put in minimal effort of creativity and be the most creative rapper of his time by far.

    in other words there is no competition, nigga debuts his single on the side of buildings, almost every other rapper debuts new music on datpiff or hot97. it can be a 1 on a scale of 1-10 of creativity, but the rest of hiphop is at a -60 so he wins in a landslide.

    kanye season has returned.

  • Kanye is official with the messages

  • hov

    @megamind I agrre bro n on top of that NEW SLAVES?!? U FKN SERIOUS IF A BACK MAN MAKES MILLIONS OF DOLLARS HE IS A SLAVE? the fuck outta here w/ that! slaves were prisoned and ordered to work sun up to sun down for zero currency. Slaves got whipped & treated like dogs. If a slave would have recieved millions of dollars and gottento live a luxurious life that only 1% of society lived then he would not be a slave but instead a master. Kanye spends a ton of money on over expnesive material, he has spent millions on outfits that he only wore once. He could have used that money to get on a plane and personally give out tshirts to blck kids in Africa who dont have safe water to drink and everyday eat bland rice out pf a pot that 50 others eat from with their hands. they say to judge a man by the woman that stands by him, he is w/ a materialistic woman who grew up rich and sold her sacred body for fame bc money amd wealth was not enough. I could go on but whats the point

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    hahahah this is great love the way it was presented, very contreversial ncie one kanye

  • koopsta knicca

    I cant believe this weak ass nigga has a career. Everything he does is garbage from his beats to his flow. Fuck this faggot and his bitch made fans. When the fuck that new Juicy j album droppin?

  • How Wonderful…

    If you like it, you like it. If you don’t, you don’t. I like the idea of the broadcast on buildings, but I also find it slightly egotistical. The mind of the average hiphop fan is kind of shallow. Dudes run with anything that’s different and say oh shit at the same time dudes hates just because its different. I think Kanye will be on SNL tonight so this is all publicity. LOL @ the people actually beefing over comments. Just because someone doesn’t like something doesn’t mean that they are a hater. also LOL at the people that were filming it with their smartphones like it wasn’t going to be all over the internet in a couple of hours. Again, that egotistical shit to see who can post it on Facebook first. In my opinion there is more important shit to be focusing on.


    HOTTEST NEW ARhttp://t.co/jNu4PMq7USTIST

  • rogerbarrett

    williamsburg? damn, Kanye got the white tight pant indie kids on lockdown.

  • rogerbarrett

    Kanye name drops fashion designers. C’mon. Who’s really fucking Kim? Anyone out there really believe Ye fucks ladies?

  • some of yall ain’t leaving comments yall writing essays or formally known as rants…lol ..regardless of what you think about Kanye he definitely got yall talking. “I move my family out the country so you can’t see where I stay” Kanye clownin’ with this video…got yall eyes glued to it and debating about what he saying…and if he can sing…lol

  • K3VIN

    I’m about to wild the fuck out
    I’m going Bobby Boucher

  • LuckyLefty

    Interesting…Kanye has everyone precisely where he wants them to be. Everyone is so hyped about him being rubbish and everything, yet you are all so happy to talk about him and get passionate about him being good or bad etc. This is what he wants from you!!

    I love Kanye, full stop. I’m a massive fan. I went to see him in concert earlier this year. I went to Covent Garden this evening in London to watch this video. I’ve met him. I think he’s amazing, full stop.

    You can say all you want about ghost writers and beat makers. But what makes Kanye an absolute genius in my mind is how he puts it all together. I’m fan of GLC, Cudi, Push, Sean, Cons etc. But really on their own they are largely niche artists. Kanye’s genius is tapping into their talents and making them into a record and body of work that everyone both inside and outside hip-hop will listen to, and talk about.

    The context of this record will become apparent. Let’s all wait and see how this all fits into his master plan. 🙂

  • Vanity Slaves >>>>> this garbage
    this is not a new idea and its fucking garbage

  • anonymous

    Yeah kanye, “new slave” who knocked up and most likely will marry a white woman. or Armanian woman ….whatever, the point is, kanye’s contradictory, egotistical ways have caused him to lose his way. and this is the result. BTW this is coming from a huge a kanye fan

  • Pawlmac

    you just don’t understand the genius that is kanye

  • demo

    video is dead

  • Kilt

    intellectual rap, I respect this.

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  • demo

    vid is bck 2 life

  • big steve

    new slaves is dope