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  • PistolPistol

    Can’t believe people made these two this “big”… Smh

  • i thought “my oh my” and “wings” were the first two singles???
    no matter ALL ARE DOPE

    and its seattle that stays winning.

    cheers mack

  • The Ghost

    Its a good thing he’s not Blacklemore. Lets see a Black Indie Artist do it big like Mac Miller and Macklemore.

  • Eldrigde Cleaver

    @The Ghost

    You mad that blacks created Hip Hop? this is our culture man. Who gives a fck that these honkeys are getting that white privilege push? Black reigns supreme. Go listen to Johnny Cash or somethin

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  • The Wise

    ^ sumones madd white people are dominating ahahaha another winnn

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  • dmc

    Starded from da boddom now we here

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  • Kaly

    good Lord, the hate…

  • weezy f baby and the f is for faggot

    I can honestly tell that this is all a phase because every artist and they mama has a Big FIRST album what is hard is doing it twice because he will never have another big single like thrift shop ever again and what is he gonna do kiss the gay communities ass twice it wont work the second time. just look a wiz khalifa he blew up off black and yellow, and can some one honestly tell what song wiz has made bigger than black and yellow on his second album????……. Ill wait. AND ALSO JUST TO MAKE THINGS VERY VERY CLEAR MACKLEMORE IS NOT IDEPENDENT HE HAS A MAJOR DISTRIBUTION DEAL WITH A MAJOR LABEL AND ALSO DO YOU WANNA KNOW HOW HE GOT HIS MACKLEMORE LABEL??? FROM HIS GRANDFATHER HOW OWN HIS OWN RECORD LABEL!!!! WAKE UP EVERYONE ITS JUST HYPE AND OVER KILL THEY BIGGER THEY GAS YOU UP THE FASTER YOU LEAVE IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY


    yeah man, more racial shit on another mack post. people hatin to see white people selling hip hop music that doesn’t talk about crack music or calling women bitches.

    and the homophobia is also very funny. black people got their asses beat in the USA for 300 years just so their black grandkids can shit on gay people in 2013. That is definitely why people fight for civil rights, so they can deprive other people of theirs.

  • oh well

    indie or major label? i don’t know but i do know mack’s album is gold and has sold over 700K in 7 months with 2 multi-platinum singles going #1 back-to-back on billboard 100.

  • Megamind

    It’s fkd up that Macklemore will be caught in the cross fire bc he’s actually talented and CAN rap. I listen to 10k Hours and Jimmy Iovine…and the album in general and he DEFINITELY has the skill set.
    He’s a MC for sure BUT let’s get into the reason behind his success. This is where the racial components come into play.

    This is nothing new to black folk, so my white brethren you have to understand the frustration. It happened with Rock & Roll and Blues and now it’s happening with Urban music in R&B/Soul and Hip-Hop. The music was vilified and then ultimately overtaken and then embraced by white America. Public Enemy made a song 20 years ago on “Fear of A Black Planet” called “Who Stole The Soul”, this is what Scarface has been addressing lately in interviews….

    Kendrick is the new measuring stick to me and Mack/Ryan don’t have ONE song on their project better than one his project and Kendrick’s having a gang buster year but it album pales in comparison in terms of sales. Is you can open and honestly answer that question, it contributes to the fact that America will never be able to speak about race bc it makes those people uncomfortable. I’m a fan of Em, Adele, Justin, Thicke, Kings Of Leon, etc. (i added KOL lol) but on the real, it’s album as if they measure the best of R&B against these pop stars who make urban influenced music….minus KOL.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and taste but sales aside, can we say that Justin’s catalog is better than Ushers? is Em better than Hov, Nas, Face, 3000? I’m open to discuss…but when I mention these artist I’m not talking about a song or sales…i’m talking abt catalog.

    Holla at me.

  • Therealist

    Its easy to get a million gay people to support you js.. all you have to do is be Gay lmao




    THIS IS RIDICULOUS, imma just say im gay now so people will support my views!!

    Fuckin stupid hypocrites!

  • Thank You @Megamind ! I listen to The Heist daily and I love 90% of the songs

  • Oh and Macklemore isn’t gay….

  • jam b

    no people are mad a white guy come and took over rap hes name is eminem not no faggot ass macklemore and black people can’t take it cry babys….

  • gtfo

    Dick riding B. Dot. And he’s far from indie. Good music, but the dick riding has to stop.

    First time Heard of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis was on 2 Dope Boys years before you started claiming them. So please make your future post about them more objective.

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