New Music: Master P “Woke Up A Millionaire”

While some rappers are waking up in a Bugatti, P’s rising to a whole lot of Benjamins. Boss Of All Bosses coming soon.


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  • atlas603

    Rick Ross just got swagger jacked.

  • Slim Thug already had an album called Boss of all Bosses. Like 2pac said ” All you old rappers trying to advance, It’s all over now, take it like a man”

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    why is this old nigga still rappin? like who is honestly checkin for his music? i have never heard someone say ‘ay man u hear that new master p? shits fire’

  • dro

    this is pretty dope

  • HipHop89

    P KEEPS IT 100…Inspirational To Get On Your Shit…..*Haters Stay Broke

  • Hannibal Lecture

    This shit is okay. Its vintage Master P takes me back to mid late nineties No Limit era

  • this joint got a cool vibe to it

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


  • brollya

    my nigga p went off on this “good thing i aint put the tats on my face”

  • Lesbihonest

    Why are you 50 and still rapping? And stop mentioning the hood, you aint been there for years. Nigga go enjoy your money

  • P Bateman

    wow – best Master P song since 1998!!!

  • rahrahrah

    Watching the video 4,3,2,1 yesterday with Mater P on it! Had to watch that a few times. Was never a fan, but he was hitting with some heavyweights on that one.

  • Belize

    this is actually good mayne

  • JB

    Since when has rap had a age limit? Some of the best music out is made by rappers that are 30+ Jay,kanye,Em,TI. The list goes on. hatin asd bloggin ass people don’t know what else to say so they fill a post wit some hatin ass shit… and the dummy that say P “swagger jacked” Ross you had to be born in the 2000’s or some shit. Niggas been doing this shit!

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  • word

    p talkin that g shit….grown man bars,,,lil niggas sit back and take notes,,tryin to tell yall nigga sumthin

    lil dum motherfuckers,,,(melvin voice)

  • Ken P

    sound like rick ross ghostwrote that shit

  • Ken P

    it aint wack though

  • acidrap

    Id rather hear P rappin any muthafuckin day compared to these current weak ass niggas like future,keef,kirko, starlito,…or that arab montana.