Dr. Dre USC Commencement Speech

After donating $70 million to the University of Southern California this week, Jimmy Iovine introduced Dre during yesterday’s commencement ceremony. Here’s what the good Doc prescribed.

“I am excited and I am proud to now be a member of the Trojan family. I would also like to say congratulations to the University of Southern California’s Class of 2013.”


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  • ADLien

    dre!! One of the kings of music let alone hip hop. Onya mate

  • Rozay

    Jimmy quoted the remix to ignition hahaha, that’s a big thing that him and Dre are doing, but please believe there is something in it for them otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it $$$$$$$$$, wonder if they are real “PARTNERS” if you know what i’m saying.?……. in the fresh Prince voice.

  • Tooldforrap

    This was great

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Niiiicccceee ! Dr. Dre Hip Hop Legend.

  • $arcastic A$$hole

    That seventy million could of gone to a homeless shelter, aids or cancer research, any third world country or even college and university that needed money. Not this rich ass school!

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    ignition fresh out the kitchen

  • mrzee

    Jimmy Iovine USC Commencement Speech.

  • creo

    I love dre n i got respect for ne 1 giving 2help others. Wish they would do 4the hood tho. Theres school in the hood dat need books,after school programs 2 keep kids of the streets. The city could use jobs,better training programs. Students at JC’s dat could use help them white folks @ use got money. Its familys dat need food lil kids barely eating at home.

  • Rozay

    I bet you didn’t know Jay-Z was a time traveler did you? not only did he pattern his life after John D. Rockefeller but two years after Rockefeller’s life in 1937 Jay appeared in a photo in Harlem in 1939, hmmm…….


  • Rozay


  • king