• Gambino

    Considering she took home best rap album, all music awards are irrelevant compared to the Grammy’s. Also, Nicki is a great role model.

  • LOL

    she’s rubbing her puss on a family based channel? that’s a great role model? she should do porn then, i’ll bet it’ll be successful.

  • Jake Walker

    Hot damn.

  • Gambino

    @LOL clearly I was being sarcastic

  • Nickey Black

    nice performance. Nicki did ok. Her dancing definitely improved.

    “all that ass”~Weezy


    Maybe if nicki had some decent bars she wouldn’t have to shake her ass for a living. But most guys would take the ass and bad lyrics then just the good bars.

  • Johnny Ryall

    Coulda been a queen and gone so far but she’d rather be a bimbo.
    Not to be mean but she stays lowering the bar like another round of Limbo.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    i love wsaynes expresiion hahha

  • tha OG

    I would fuck the shit out of nicki

  • son

    lol quit ya bitching…. that was a dope performance

  • Black Shady


    real, fake, who cares???? I just want a piece of it

  • eat a D

    id butt-fucked her no doubt

  • Foreign luccini

    *pu$$y makes the world go round*

  • Donn

    Real artistry right here.

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  • Musikal

    Will Smith voice Damn!

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  • dll32

    She took her sex game to another lvl!

  • Evil

    Nicki is known for her ass and lapdances.She has to sell sex to stay relevent.Sad but true.

  • she a stupid ho, she a she a stupid ho… -_-“”

  • Tbones

    SMH @ the whole fuckery. This is exactly what the white people that run things wanna portray us as; trashy women n monkey looking negros. But we as usual think it just entertainment.

  • lordhavemercy

    THIS BITCH CAN BARELY MOVE. how u from trindad and cant whine for shit….fuck outta here.come again my friend

  • bog

    THIC IS HOW WE DO. i am from TZ also i love more this page ma niger dont judge me dis is fuck outta also we will chat again2.