Busta Rhymes & ODB ’94 Cypher

Leading up to the release of his The Piecemaker 3: Return Of The 50 MCs on July 9, DJ Tony Touch is releasing never seen before clips he’s recorded over the last 20 years.

Kicking things off is footage from 1994 at the Gavin Convention in New Orleans, where Busta and the late ODB kick a few raps, which of course later ended up as “Woo Hah” and “Damage”.

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  • ko

    now we have drake tyga lil wayne…..

  • Original Ty

    If you were there and saw this firsthand you saw a little bit of history…….. and honestly you also got a spit bath from Bus and ODB ’cause those niggas weren’t going to compromise their delivery to save you from gettin’ spit on LOL they went HARD!

  • JustMyOpinion

    ODB = They don’t make rappers this real anymore. Keep it thorough 100%. Said what he wanted, did what he wanted and never jeopardized his integrity. Not once. The entire WU for that matter.

  • Skip Dillenger

    That wasn’t “Brooklyn Zoo”. That was “Damage”

  • Tooldforrap





  • creo

    Damn big homie how the fuck u dnt know the brooklyn zoo lyrics. Shame on u when u step 2 the ol dirty bastard BROOKLYN ZOO

  • Rozay

    Cause inside out is wigedy wigetyy wigety wack, every time I see busta in dreads I think of that episode of the Jamie Foxx show when Jamie was acting like Busta. fast foward 13 years and Busta Rhymes is on Cash Money with Bow Wow and neither has a release date.

  • K

    Fuck Tramadol! (if anyone know what i mean)

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  • brainsnbeats

    yasss, yasss….YES YALL!!!!!!
    THANK Goodness for REAL HIPHOP
    THANK YOU Tony Touch

  • Mr. Opinion

    Why Busta lowkey look like Wiz Kahlifah LOL!!!

  • Carlito R

    I love watching classic old footage like this. Thanks

  • Crazy video. Thanks for this.

  • Evil

    Mr Opinion More like Wiz look like Busta..
    Wiz was a fucking kid when this was made.And you where probably sucking on your mothers tits back then.

  • La Verdad

    They don’t build MC’s anymore like ODB was built. A raw and real dude. But hey ya all like them fabricated MC’s out there so be it. But remember your roots even if you don’t like their sound. Cause 99% of you under 30 cats right now would sh*t in your pants if you grew up in the REAL hip-hop era. Ya all wasnt built for this… One!

  • Exile

    Can’t wait to see what Toca gives us tomorrow

  • I can’t even watch shit like this without getting frustrated. The fuck happened to rap now?