J.Cole Born Sinner Cover

born sinner-cover 2

Heaven’s door?  In case you’re wondering, Jermaine spoke to MTV a few weeks ago about the concept behind Born Sinner. Album drops June 18th. Deluxe cover after the jump.

”It’s not necessarily a church theme and it’s not really about church. I like my album themes to be metaphors because it gives me the freedom to speak about something else that’s going on in my life, so the Born Sinner thing is not about church, it’s not even about religion. It’s using that as canvas to get other messages across and that’s what the album will be.”


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  • Mo

    That’s the deluxe cover. There’s a cover for the standard one as well

  • Trippy Mane


  • KD

    This album will be the best dropping this JUNE!! & year for that matter.

  • Nathaniel

    you know you’re in america when people hear “born sinner” and they automatically think about “church,” as if the word sin has to be related to “church” aka the only religion people in america seem to think exists–christianity. kind of like people thinking the bible is the “christian’s” book. it’s the one they use, but it has guidance for people in general. no prophet ever called themselves christian. anyway though….

    born sinner is gonna be real shit. no tellin’ how broad the topics cole will address will be.

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Cole is tight, don’t get me wrong… But this nigga ain’t established enough to not have his name/title/his photo on the cover of an album! But orher than that, dope covers and concepts, will be getting!!

  • Gambino

    Elliott you might as well change the RR tag line to Cole Summer

  • Dashing

    Next month is gonna be a great month for music. I’m copping this, Kanye, Wale and even Mac Miller so I don’t play anything out too soon.

  • Yo

    Thats the deluxe cover. The standard is waaaaay better.

  • Black one looks Sick. Looking forward to it


    You guys are all dicksuckers

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Yeezus Christ has risen. Born Sinner will flop just like the gifted and My Shelf is my Shelf by Pussy T.

  • Dashing

    ^ Who cares about flopping? I just want good music..

  • the brain trust

    At first, I only saw the deluxe version (which is wack).

    Then I saw the standard cover, which is fire.
    Props to the designer. Nice mix off black & gold, with the clouds in the background. Way better than his debut’s cover.

    I’m HYPED!!!

  • the brain trust

    cosign @Dashing 100%

    Like K.dot said ‘You too infatuated with the fucking numbers!’

  • M.T

    Cover looks amazing. Born Sinner will be album of the year.

  • creo

    I like both covers. I wish the deluxe version had the regular version cover.its extra dope but im go wit the 21track over 16 always go wit the deluxe.

  • Realistically

    It’s too close to Ye’s style. Be original, Cole.

  • eat a D

    u knw a nigga is signed to jay z when their concepts have the devil in them smh

  • J. Cole deserves respect, the man’s focus is music and music alone. He’s not out here on twitter and shit making noise like these hypebeast rappers (MMG etc). He’s just as unique as Tyler the Creator or Kendrick Lamar these cats deserve all the accolades pure talent and you hear it in the MUSIC. Fuck swag. Fuck money. Fuck fame. J. Cole represents something real and if you cant recognise the truth just staring at your face then you dont deserve Born Sinner or GKMC or Wolf. Cole is a legend mane I cant deal with Rick Ross, Birdman, Meek Mill all that DJ Khaled bullshit… niggas just capitalising on people’s stupidity.

    Born Sinner coming soon. Trust.

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    J.Cole’s second album is due to hit stores June 25.

  • JUNE 18!



  • Dope cover!!! I like this cover better than Kanye’s!!!

  • The19King

    album covers are getting too artsy but its cool once the music is good

  • King

    I’ll place bets on Born Sinner rather than Yeezus

  • saw

    the songs have been wack/ok so far …

  • TruthBeTold

    “@JColeNC: Kanye West is one of the greatest artists of our generation.”

    “@JColeNC: Which is exactly why I’m moving my release date up.”

    Respect +1,000,000.

  • Black Shady

    My nigga BACK!!!! COLE SUMMER no doubt


  • tjp

    This and Kanye on the same day!

  • James

    defo copping this album, cole my nigga one of the most talent artists out there

  • djrobdice

    Lol Kanye ain’t dropping Next month..

  • Jax

    Cole World! Kanye gone push his back.

  • Jax

    This was smart by Cole’s people and Roc Nation. Kanye is going to push is able to another date, everybody knows this. So now Cole and Wale aren’t going head to head anymore. It will look like Kanye didn’t want to go up against Cole, and now Cole and Wale both have a good chance of hitting number one the week they each release.

  • jrak

    COLE WORLD!!! The Realest out! Salute!

  • HOVA

    J Cole please deliver.

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  • creo

    Cole coming out the 25th date changed cuz kanye drop 18th.

  • K

    What do you mean “the songs have been okay so far”.. There’s only been one single LOL. let the album come out

  • creo

    Sum1 shit getting pushed back. I dnt think its kanye he already promoting. Cole better drop a wk later or a wk ahead. We all know what happens when u drop when kanye do. Im buying both tho.

  • ECU

    my iPod gonna be blessed on June with wale, Cole, Kanye n Tech 9

  • Josh T

    Born Sinner Cover > The Gifted Cover

  • chan

    arch of janus- Roman God in wich the month January was given its name

  • edi



  • fire Need that!!!!!

  • That Guy

    Cole is coming for Kendrick’s spot with this album.
    Warning: Contents may contain ambitious lyrics. Listen at your own risk.

  • B

    7 lines represent 7 deadly sins…. Born Sinner. Album of the year.

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  • Mr.November

    How is it album of the year lol, you aint hear it yet.

    Anyway, I’ll get both Kanye and Cole’s album.
    Wale aint been the same since Cole renegaded him on Beautiful Bliss.

  • Esdot

    How is J.Cole not established to have an album?… he has a record deal with one of the most if not the most successful rapper in the game, he released previous mixtapes long before his first debut album which by the way sold extremely well considering hes a was a freshman…… hes already earned the respect as one of the very few REAL poets/rappers in the game. How is not established if he put it alot more hard work than these new rappers?