• Насочвам мерник към всеки безхаберник.
    Дайте малко пауза на шегичките за Перник.
    Кукления театър продалжава.
    Ледения вятър те смразява и сковава всяка става.
    Няма набутвация при мен Яжо Секвоев отново е генерация като Димитър Bоев

  • Ea$y Bread

    Best song writer in the game. Album should be epic. Production sounds flawless so far

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  • Ravi

    @Elliott Wilson! Can you please make a Truth video or on YN blackout about how the Billboards were fucking garbage. Did you see who they had a Top Rap Album and Top Rap Artist – THEY HAD DRAKE, FLO RIDA, PITBULL, NICKI MINAJ, & PSY (FUCKING PSY ARE YOU KIDDING ME). ALSO FOR BEST RAP ALBUM NICKI MINAJ – ROMAN RELOADED WON OVER KENDRICK LAMARS ALBUM!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!! THEY ALSO HAD PSY – GANGAM STYLE NOMINATED FOR TOP RAP SONG!!! COME ON ELLIOTT!! THE PEOPLE NEED YOU TO SPEAK UP ABOUT THIS!!!! sorry for all the caps I was just trying to get my point across! lol. Step Up To The Plate YN & Rap Radar!!!

  • ko

    4HOOD @BG_Aftermath X @Tip X @kendricklamar First Class Produced By @drdre #Aftermath #USH JUNE 10TH

  • watchthethrone

    really good song! great production

  • I don’t know, but I’m trying to get into Dream’s music, but it all sounds the same! SORRY no disrespect , just my opinion.

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  • Space Ghost

    Someone above stated that Dream’s album sounds flawless thus far…..Hell Yeah. Co-Sign. Gonna be on Amazon.com Digital purchasing this at midnight the morning of May 28th like its a physical copy that could sell out. Lol

  • the ripper

    The Dream is a very talented dude. His album r pretty nice to listen to… I am waiting for him and R. Kelly to drop their albums…

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  • Bstunna

    I rock heavy with this dude. I got all his albums and the first one I bootlegged but went back and brought it bc I enjoyed that album too much to not support it. This nigga writes the soundtrack to my life. Realest pen game right now. He is the R.Kelly of his generation minus the court case.