New Music: Usher “U.O.E.N.O. (Remix)”

Celebrity Judges Of "The Voice" Appear On "Extra" At The Grove

“I heard somebody said I fell off, my bank account don’t show it.”

Rappers should be ashamed of themselves. Usher (of all people) comes through and toetag’s Rocko’s single. At the 1:09 mark, he says he has a few new Confessions on the way. We’ll stay tuned for that.


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  • 7figures

    Ush murked that shit!

  • DeezNuts

    musically you fell off dawg

  • Troofas

    Usher is dope never fell off! Just took a break

  • DeezNuts

    from what? he been doing edm trash…

  • Rome

    If you yourself don’t believe you fell off, why are you linking back up with JD? …maybe trying to recreate something?

    You know you fell off. In this culture, you fell off. In the EDM world you’re just a song, not an artist.

    With all that said, He did murk this.

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    lol usher hasnt made good music in years its such a shame

    dude was amazing in his r & b prime then he had to go and chase that pop money n ruined his legacy

  • Rod

    “In ’04 did a mill in a week & I ain’t pay for it”

    Shots fired @ Justin? He MUST feel salty at Justin for sellin’ that mil the first week with REAL music while he’s doin’ those damn Pitbull songs..#smh

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  • usher killed it, he payed neva fell off watch the voice”

  • Maybe this nigga should rap then, because he was in position after Confessions to really be “that nigga” but truth is the blond haired blue eyed dudes make better R&B music than he does right now.

  • Product of October

    Still a usher fan… He didn’t fall off he just took a break… And when he comes back i’ll still be a fan…