New Video: Action Bronson “Strictly 4 My Jeeps”

Directed by Jason Goldwatch, Action Bronson takes it to the playground for his new visual aid. Guest stars include Riff Raff and a whole lot of cellulite.


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  • If Riff Raff and Bronson made a collab mixtape it would be insane

  • Bronson is tha fuckin man

  • damn

    got lamb rack pan roasted laced it with fennel

  • Chris

    This shit is whack

  • JL

    Bam Bam!

  • The Facade

    hit the lamb with the rosemary appropriately
    Dope video

  • atown don

    Man get the fuck outta here with this wack ass shit… Just like Macklemore & his fag friend Ryan Lewis…. I guess though wen u white u can say anything & mfs will buy it… Ask Eminem

  • Da Truttttthhhh

    Thumbs Up, only lame small town niggas saying its wack, NYC says its Dope

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  • Bo Nation

    Sounds too much like Ghostface….Song is aight tho.

    80’$ Baby

  • Dtrain

    cool song, always said he sounded like ghost

  • atown don

    @ Da Truttttthhh i dont know where u been livin bro.. but for the last 10 years NYC rappers aint been hittn on shit! All them lame ass rappers in NYC got niggaz from up there switchin they styles & fuckn with West Coast or Down South cats… U better ask ASAP LOL…

  • yo

    action bronson dope

    dr.lector is his best release

    hope he never work with riff raff

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  • Ravi

    @Elliott Wilson! Can you please make a Truth video or on YN blackout about how the Billboards were fucking garbage. Did you see who they had a Top Rap Album and Top Rap Artist – THEY HAD DRAKE, FLO RIDA, PITBULL, NICKI MINAJ, & PSY (FUCKING PSY ARE YOU KIDDING ME). ALSO FOR BEST RAP ALBUM NICKI MINAJ – ROMAN RELOADED WON OVER KENDRICK LAMARS ALBUM!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!! THEY ALSO HAD PSY – GANGAM STYLE NOMINATED FOR TOP RAP SONG!!! COME ON ELLIOTT!! THE PEOPLE NEED YOU TO SPEAK UP ABOUT THIS!!!! sorry for all the caps I was just trying to get my point across! lol. Step Up To The Plate YN & Rap Radar!!!


    werd only small town niggas dont feel Action. This is strictly NY shit ya heard…

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ Y’all can be fooled into thinking these cats care about our culture of rap. Nothing to do with race, but there’s nothing about this cat that say he cares. Seriously, Riff Raff of all people.

  • K

    Wack as fuck!!!!! this fatty’s flow is unbearable…

  • jackuzi

    Bronson is dope and someone should cast him in a movie.

  • mrdontplay

    most ny niggas rhyme like ghost! pay homage

  • foekist

    If i seen Riff Raff in person I’d whoop his fucking ass. Stupid fucking looking prick