New Video: T.I. x Lil Wayne “Wit Me”

Before their tour kicks off on July 9th, hip-hop’s free agent sends the feds on a wild goose chase with Lil Wayne. Catch ’em if you can.

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  • Dope track and video

  • Ravi

    @Elliott Wilson! Can you please make a Truth video or on YN blackout about how the Billboards were fucking garbage. Did you see who they had a Top Rap Album and Top Rap Artist – THEY HAD DRAKE, FLO RIDA, PITBULL, NICKI MINAJ, & PSY (FUCKING PSY ARE YOU KIDDING ME). ALSO FOR BEST RAP ALBUM NICKI MINAJ – ROMAN RELOADED WON OVER KENDRICK LAMARS ALBUM!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!! THEY ALSO HAD PSY – GANGAM STYLE NOMINATED FOR TOP RAP SONG!!! COME ON ELLIOTT!! THE PEOPLE NEED YOU TO SPEAK UP ABOUT THIS!!!! sorry for all the caps I was just trying to get my point across! lol. Step Up To The Plate YN & Rap Radar!!!

    **Dope Track & Video Though**



  • tre

    T I dope but he looks like such a fuckin idiot when he gets overhype reciting his raps

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  • Trash bizness should be boomin’! So much garbage to pick up nowadayz!

  • RapFan

    This feels right. Hard to believe both of these guys were imprisoned on gun charges. Both have had great careers.

  • DoinTooMuch

    Dope Song and Video. Been a while since T.I. had a track that was bangin like this.

  • tron

    Yo this actually sounds like drought 3 wayne sorta.. I can bump this this summer. first wayne song ill be bumpin in like 5 years..

  • Great visuals!! T.i.P is back on the Bs #HustleGang Partna!

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    Great Visual!

  • flo

    waynes lyrics are still pretty average…

  • son


  • lil wayne has still got it , the video thumbnail is like bromance lol

  • brock

    niggas know wayne and ti killed this shit…niggas hate for no reason #IhateHaters

  • That Guy

    wow has wayne lost it lyrically.

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    lil wayne fell off so hard

  • capo2013

    t.i. got bars, fuck u mean…..!!!!!!

  • Mr.November

    Word, fuck u mean? TI BEEN had bangers and bars to go with it.

    Wayne the one who had to step up on this song, even though he did the same Ass flow people think he changed it up. Same Wayne, different beat.

    I dont hate Weezy but I do wish that he rapped the way he did on Carter 2 and 3

  • chan

    wayne sounded better on this! i think the fact that he didnt want to get murked by t.i. helped him.
    T.I. has been having good songs but not quite a banger like this

  • bumpy johnson

    dope video dope sound ………… I think they got a hit …….

  • TI murked the beat, and the beat go hard…

  • Duhdope

    Wayne fell off from killing everything but don’t act like he don’t still kill records he got some banger on his album but you guys probably didn’t listen….

  • LouisDaKing

    SUMMER BANGER T.I. really back at it !