Will Smith On Working With Kanye West

While doing press for his new movie After Earth, Will Smith tells HipHollywood about his studio sessions with Mr. West. Three months ago, photos surfaced of the pair in the lab in Brazil.


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  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    I feel this would be dope! Will Smith may not have been the most lyrical/top spitter type rap dude, but he’s always made good, clean and fun records! I can get jiggy with this! lol

  • JustAboutRIght

    I look forward to this.

  • Tev Milli

    That’ll be tuff if Will hops on a record wit Ye….
    Only time will tell….
    That’s all I have 2 say

  • DeezNuts

    lost and found album was pretty good

  • Kanye can make anyone with a little talent sound good!! with that being said, Will Smith can flow, he got that old school freestyle heart inside him!

  • Ravi

    @Elliott Wilson! Can you please make a Truth video or on YN blackout about how the Billboards were fucking garbage. Did you see who they had a Top Rap Album and Top Rap Artist – THEY HAD DRAKE, FLO RIDA, PITBULL, NICKI MINAJ, & PSY (FUCKING PSY ARE YOU KIDDING ME). ALSO FOR BEST RAP ALBUM NICKI MINAJ – ROMAN RELOADED WON OVER KENDRICK LAMARS ALBUM!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!! THEY ALSO HAD PSY – GANGAM STYLE NOMINATED FOR TOP RAP SONG!!! COME ON ELLIOTT!! THE PEOPLE NEED YOU TO SPEAK UP ABOUT THIS!!!! sorry for all the caps I was just trying to get my point across! lol. Step Up To The Plate YN & Rap Radar!!!

  • One2go

    ^ @Ravi major cosign

  • Black Shady

    ^^ true story lol

  • Will smith? Freestyle heart? My bad but aint he the nigga who pays for verses? He has good reading skills maybe. Plus this whole story is lame. Jus cuz the nigga vacations wit Jay z it qualifies him to team up wit Ye. Honestly aint nobody checkin 4 hollywood will. Easy 2 say he never fell off when hes reciting rhymes. Hes good at entertaining white folks & playing gay characters in movies. About it. I O W fuck this pussy nigga

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