B.o.B.’s Camp vs. Ebro & Rosenberg

Things got a lil’ heated during B.o.B’s visit to Hot 97. Before getting into his interview, B.o.B’s management debated Ebro and Rosenberg on the lack of airplay and cross over appeal. Meanwhile on Flex‘s show, he showcased his flow over B.I.G.’s classic, “Dead Wrong”.

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  • Good Interview!

  • c

    fuck ebro

  • Push For Life

    I think B.O.B is just doing what he wants to do, Ebro and Rosenburg made it sound more complicated than it really is esp after explaining the success of “Nothing On You”. Plain and simple B.O.B is doing what he wants to do and the fans/media determined where it goes as far as pop or etc.

  • Dub town


  • chiraq G

    fuccccck ebro!! GOD I cannot stand him. N WTF is K fox doin?? SHIT! Angela Yee is 100 times more relevant than her ass..anyway…Ebro needs to coordinate n get the fuck off the mic. B.O.B dont need to change SHIT..hatin ass wack ass hot 97. Power 105.1 all day

  • Wolf

    He’s eons and eons beyond these peons.. Well said Push

  • O block

    Power 105.1>>>>hot 97
    Angela yee>>k foxx

  • koa29

    How does Ebro sit there and say BoB went mainstream, so hot97 doesn’t play him?

    The only shit he plays is commercial records?

    Ebro just a racist mad nigga.

  • Ebro is one of the smartest media type dudes out right now. He and Elliott should do a show together- they would crush it (free tip EW). However, I don’t think he won this argument because his only beef is from a Hot97 perspective and he couldn’t come out and say it: he’s mad because it makes Hot97 look bad when an artist ignores them for pop radio when they are at their commercial peak, but was happy for the attention on the way up (and way down, of course). At the end he tried to change the subject to the type of music that B.O.B. makes. It is all about radio ratings. Separate from this I usually agree with Ebro, so no hate.

  • Power 105.1>>>>hot 97
    Angela yee>>k foxx

  • Leanin’

    So who’s gonna be the 1st Rapper (Or Crew member) to administer 1 single Gunshot to the Back of Ebro’s Head? See when u a Out of Town nigga…NY niggaz let u live for a Sec then when they see u as a Problem they OFF u. Iv seen it Multiple Times! smh

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  • earthaballard

    Test. Trying to link my blog to my comments. Please help. 🙁

  • earthaballard

    @Buggin Out, how did u link your website? I put in my site address and then signed in through wordpress. Can u help?

  • Peekay

    K Foxx has ruined the Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg show since her debut. I could only stand her so long and stopped listening about 6 months ago.

  • ZAP

    I fux with Ebro

  • Izzy_Ballin

    I just don’t get it. Hip-Hop use to be fun! Why do we force our artist to make negative records? What’s wrong with B.O.B making a rap song that we can listen to with our daughters and sisters. Before the crack epidemic blacks were making “I’m Black and I’m Proud” and “What’s Going on.” But now Hip-Hop is taking all those sterotypes of our communitites and advertising it to the world as facts while Jimmy Iovine and corporations Like Clear Channel and Viacom are making bank. But Yall Dont Hear me Though.

  • Rozay

    What Ebro is basically saying to B.O.B is what Ice Cube said on true to the game, “Put a bug in your ear and now you crossed over, On MTV but they don’t care,They’ll have a new nigga next year, You out in the cold, No more white fans and no more soul, And you might have a heart attack, When you find out the black folks don’t want you back.”

  • Dashing

    B.o.B is a good dude and he’s mad talented. I do wish he made better albums but that’s just because he’s so talented so I’ve got high expectations. He can really rap his ass off. Did ya’ll hear that freestyle? That was off the top! Go check Kweli and Chance’s freestyle and compare it to B.o.B’s. He killed it.

  • Lyrics

    big sean

    could be the top 5 if they focused on lyrics

    fuck hip pop

  • really 23

    Ebro and them look mad wack for this interview. Hot 97 remind me of the square niggas that only show love/accept niggas that they think are real g’s.

  • Facts

    @ Lyrics

    wale, b.o.b., big sean = hip pop

    so fuck you I guess

  • Peekay

    Damn, after listening, this wasn’t very tense at all and in fact, a great interview.

  • D-Lys


  • gabriel

    great interview…..ebro says what niggas think so fuck it….

  • Jav

    the thing about bob is that he just does bob. He was dealing with Atlantic, the label that killed Lupe’s career. What else was he supposed to do? He took what was given to him and ran with it, lately he’s been given more freedom and that’s why he is releasing more hip hopish music. At the end of the day this dude is talented, just listen to his verse on Memories Back Then if you have any doubts.

  • Fuck Ebro

    Ebro really said Beyonce’s going to fall off

  • HK

    Understood Ebro’s point and fx w/ Hot 97 but I have to agree w/ @Buggin Out!:

    “Power 105.1>>>>hot 97
    Angela yee>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>k foxx”

    (k foxx is fine tho)

  • Hey dummy that posted right above me

    How many copies did you sell of your comedy album? Oh that’s right none you don’t get paid to entertain do you? you come on here posting your bullshit for free…. Don’t hate on your opinion…..fuck your opinion nigga….. now that’s funny.

  • Lupe Superstar > B.O.B Airplanes…….. Thats the definition of a POP/Hip-Hop song!!!! Niggas be acting like they started something

  • Ebro is cool, but since Hot 97 barley holds real hip hop down seems strange
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  • theydontknow

    corporate ameica killed the art and mixtapes killed the value of the art. imagine if get rich or doggystyle were mixtapes smh illmatic it was written were mixtapes. BOB has no control he does what the lable says. yall know corporate created datpiff and livemixtape as a test and those bastards won. u pretty much gotta die to sale records…..