s/o lupe used to be that nigga 4real

  • TruthBeTold

    I think Lupe Fiasco is dope .. One of the best , but he does have a problem with OVER complicating lyrics . & I’m not a stupid person , I enjoy a challenge . But having to constantly rewind the track and research bit-by-bit can & looking up unknown references become a little bit tedious . I like to straight up listen to a track and decide whether I like it or not .. With Lupe Fiasco I find myself saying I love his music – regardless – but only simply because he IS super lyrical and I know everything he says is deep ; not because I necessarily understand what he’s saying , to an extent. However this is what poetry is about !

    & I think this is something that most people feel like , which is why he will never blow up (unfortunately) .

    Maybe that is the truth to be told , or im too drunk and its only 11:42 (UK TIME) ……

  • DMVinyourchick

    I think this is the first Lu joint ive messed with in a while, Atlantic really did a number on his artistry, at least we have food and liquor 1 and the cool

  • @TruthBeTold

    100 percent verbatum cosign.

    I love Lu. But some times I dont want a brain excercise. I want “hot”

    words I never said, kick push, all black everything…were “hot” the first listen and I didnt have to go back a billion times…

  • Was going to debate the comment but why bother… Ill material Lupe, we all dont need wikipedia to enjoy ur music

  • Savimbi

    Channels that classic Lupe, haven’t heard him like this in a very long time especially with the choice of production. and I agree with @truthbetold btw Theme Music To a Drive (which i think is he’s best track to date) was very complex but the way he delivered it and the choice of words within that record made it very comprehensible. I believe it’s part of his making tho, he sometimes has a difficulty conveying his ideas the proper way. Like that time he called Obama a terrorist on the O’reilly factor and couldn’t defend his position worth shit lmao lost a lot of cool points on my book for that.

  • D Twice

    You know he blew up back in 06 right?

  • Feeling this Nice track from LUPE and ye Ima have 2 replay it haha.

  • Kemosabi

    Atleast there’s someone making you think still it’s to bad he’s one of a few, and I’d add Kanye cause I know a lot o ppl that don’t understand that new slaves joint yet.

  • Sgt.Pepper

    I like it…moody, conceptual, interesting…no “swag or cray” mentioned, just raw lyricism that transcends trends..

  • the brain trust

    This is utter garbage to me, and I think Lupe’s one of the best ever.

    @truthbetold nailed it. At what point does an artist’s obscure references veer from ‘deep lyricism’ to simply bad writing?

    If your ideas simply aren’t comprehensible/ appear scatter brained/ don’t have a clear structure, the blame lies with you, not your audience.

    Lupe has traditionally struck a nice balance between accessible ideas & deep content.

    He got it wrong here though.

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  • ECU

    Damn Lupe got me feelin like I was at trig.

  • mrdontplay

    Animal Farm is one of the best books ever written I think If you know the book. The lyrics mean much more. I aint rocked with Lupe in a minute but this had reply value

  • yeaHOE

    I’m a big fan of Lupe but I really don’t think he makes music for me any more. Seems like he just writes as an exercise and doesn’t give a fuck if people feel it or not. I’m sure this is really clever and lyrical and technically well done but is it listenable/enjoyable?

  • Observer21

    @truthbetold “but only simply because he IS super lyrical and I know everything he says is deep ; not because I necessarily understand what he’s saying , to an extent. However this is what poetry is about !”

    you said it everyone can act as if they get the knowledge dropped on the first listen.. you have to actually really listen to dude lyrics, greatest form of poetry! Saul Williams Lauryn Hill and Lupe veryy intellectual and they lose me everytime but I pick up things after a couple run throughs. #THEGIFTED 6/25