New Video: T.I. x Cee-Lo “Hello”

After cracking the bottle, T.I. wakes up in the desert with Cee-Lo by his side in his new video. Looks like the family got their cameo. Remember, Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head is in stores now.

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  • You aint even in the stadium and this nicca already won the race. Do whatever you like Mr Harris. How can you hate on a black man, or any man loving his family in public. Hip Hop WINS AGAIN…SALUTE TIP!

    —Truth Will Out (A family man)

  • Gambino

    No wonder Cee-Lo is always rockin shades. He’s got them crazy eyes!

  • tre

    Need a video for the Wildside track off the album tho

  • creo

    Dope album need a video for go get it

  • jimmy

    I just dont understand why he didnt make ‘CRUSIN’ a single!!! It was cleary a #1 song same as whatever you like and its different!….. Everybody once Loved TIP for the pimp shit he was kicking… Now he’s tryna settle down as a young nigga! Homie need to get rid his ol lady and get back out here!

  • chiraq G

    yeah crusin is my fav track off the album too. but this song was pretty good too. It was nice of him to include the whole family. I think someone should cut him a great big check. shit. His music, movies, clothing line, tv show…not to mention grand hustle label wit B.O.B doin crazy numbers too…i think his brand deserves the money

  • This is a cool video… Need Cee-lo to lace up a lot more hooks. Everything Cee-lo touch turn to gold, hopefully 2013 will be the year he does more features. Can’t wait for the new Goodie Mob album. TI looking like the black Indiana Jones with that hat at the end after he opens the brief case. What is the significance of “731”? it was on the car tag, the bottle of liquor in the bar, and on the wall

  • @Jimmy He’s 32 with children who need a dad (not just a father). And “Get out here” where? Get rid of his lady and family life to hang In the stupid ass streets with dumb azz drop out ninjas and idiotic hoe azz broads who are look’n for a come up? Com’n son. He did 2 bids in 2 years. That’s what dumbass “Get Out Here” equals.

    Niccas stay losing. Grow the fuck up! <— TIP is

  • p. dom

    Salute @Truth Will Out.

  • jimmy

    @truthwillout You make a strong good point my man! But….(The Unmarried) T.I. use to be RARE!….. a Private Person AND still took care of his family! Bringing his family into the spotlight brings him in a COMMON space where people see him as just a regular guy! He’s S.STAR he needs be with star quailty! So now his Sales have decreased….Them millions that he’s shopping for would have been a giving!!! He had a strong woman fan base and as much we all applaud and salute TIP on being a family man he just seems off market and not as interesting- UGLY Truth…………………. WHATS A PIMP WITH NO HOES?

  • DoinTooMuch

    T.I. comin with the 1-2 punch by droppin all these vids so close together. Def a force to be reckoned with in the rap game again. That song with wayne already like top 5 on the hip-hop charts.

  • creo

    No disrespect but i thought cruisin was the weakest track along wit the lil wayne track. I dnt have either n my itunes. Dat trouble man track go hard shit get my hype

  • LouisDaKing

    THIS SONG is THE Crazy T.I. is like everywhere killing everything

  • creo

    Being bout family keep tip out the pen. The streets full of disloyal bitches n niggaz dat have a real 1 n the grave or prison.i agree wit truth will out.

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  • USA

    Its amazing how EU IP addresses are banned to see the video but we can see the dumb ass commercials from US > so we cant watch the music cuz we aint american but we can watcvh your commercials !!REALLY

  • ultrakid

    i kinda like seeing Tip like this in this stage of his life. he’s the ony rapper with a reality TV show who’s STILL relevant in the music world, sure he’s not where he was 4-5 years ago, but still good for a hot feature and he still can spit. plus he showing the world his home/family life . already got 2 grammys under his belt. he’s winning

  • dll32

    dope ass track! +1

  • DoinTooMuch

    @creo Nigga where U been? A video for Go Get it came out a LONG time ago. lol

  • creo

    ^I dnt know dat gd looking on the info

  • Toughest track on the whole album to me, but as far as “Cruisin” goes, that could still drop later on. If you remember he dropped “Dead and Gone” a minute after his album was already out and it was still a huge single for him.