• really 23

    He killed it… His songs still rock!!!

  • Ravi

    @Elliott Wilson! Can you please make a Truth video or on YN blackout about how the Billboards were fucking garbage. Did you see who they had a Top Rap Album and Top Rap Artist – THEY HAD DRAKE, FLO RIDA, PITBULL, NICKI MINAJ, & PSY (FUCKING PSY ARE YOU KIDDING ME). ALSO FOR BEST RAP ALBUM NICKI MINAJ – ROMAN RELOADED WON OVER KENDRICK LAMARS ALBUM!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!! THEY ALSO HAD PSY – GANGAM STYLE NOMINATED FOR TOP RAP SONG!!! COME ON ELLIOTT!! THE PEOPLE NEED YOU TO SPEAK UP ABOUT THIS!!!! sorry for all the caps I was just trying to get my point across! lol. Step Up To The Plate YN & Rap Radar!!!

  • JustMyOpinion

    You can’t even knock that. Son still got that it. Album in 2014. 😉

    Biggie Smalls — The whole of BK miss you.

  • LuxuryRap

    haha…very dope!!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Will Smith “Summertime” > Everything YMCMB is going to release in 2013

  • DeezNuts

    this song is timeless yo

  • Jaden was on Jimmy Fallon and Will appeared on Letterman… Two different shows on the same night or day since they always record those shows during the day.

  • denco


  • “Bullshit with rap if you want…muhfuckas”

    On the real, Fresh Prince had a few joints. Brand new funk still knocks to this day….

  • Playboy69

    Will Smith got more money than Jay-Z

  • watchthethrone

    Ye gave him the bug

  • prai$e

    will looking real homo.

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  • creo

    Summertime beat is dope always will be love the sample

  • Inf


  • brza

    a timeless record.

  • No One

    @prai$e Watch your mouth disrespectful little twat