Geno Smith Joins Roc Nation Sports


Hovi Magurie does it again. Today, it was announced that New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith has signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports firm. When asked about joining the agency, Geno told the press:

“I think it’s just his agency. When you talk about being in New York from a standpoint of what they can do in the city, the connections that they have, I think it’s a good move. My mother and my family is comfortable with it, I’m comfortable with it. I’m just going to move on from there, not let it be a big deal, remain humble and keep focusing on football.”

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  • T

    jigga making moves

  • jeezy

    Noooo Geno!!! You just made the same mistake Ricky Williams did signing with Master P back in the day….. Sign with somebody who’s been doin the sports agency thing for years not someone who’s just getting started…..

  • Whut?

    Jay Z always looks disgusted in pics. LOL!!!

  • Nathaniel


    which is exactly why nearly 70% of all black athletes end up broke after their career is over, signing with “somebody who’s been doin the sports agency thing for years” aka a wise and knowledgeable crook who profits off the ignorance of players with earning potential who come from families and communities that don’t have much of anything.

    it’s good that he’s with hov, and that hov started this. his relationship with lebron helped lebron bring on intelligent friends of his to help him manage his affairs before jay was doing this, and seeing a bigger picture made hov step out on this front. read up, bro. this is far deeper than what you see.

  • Nathaniel


    this will help, not hurt. roc nation is about to start snatching up all these young black athletes who otherwise would get fucked over by the same crooked jewish agents who have been fucking niggas over for decades. check hov’s lowkey mentorship of lebron, and how secure, independent, and NOT a slave to the “dumb jock” mentality lebron is. he even brough his friends on and built his shit up… and the league said the same thing you’re saying: not because they wanted to help lebron, but they wanted to say “hey… trust OUR guys, buddy :-)” only to rob him blind while making a killing. eh eh. no more of that shit.

    it’s a new day.

  • michelle michelle

    I wouldn’t bet against Hov

  • What jeezy said.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Good for Geno. Hope this kid gets the starting job from Mark Sanchez. NFL sports agent Kim Miale will handle Geno’s nfl contract NOT Jay. I cant wait see who else ROC NATION Sports gets to sign from the NFL & NBA.

  • chan

    keep money in the black community to build up the black community- Malcom X state of mind

  • chan

    btw i thought there was a rule that the nfl just put out that said agents had to have a college degree wich jayz clearly didnt have- the jay z rule

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  • migueljontell

    this is dope as fuck . JAY needs to sign ASAP man. kid sound like a college drop out ye. young guru just shoutrd him on twitter

  • Rozay

    Nigga fired his agent because his stock dropped, still have to show and prove, NY jets did Tim Tebow dirty, the nigga did win a playoff game for Broncos even though he can’t throw for shit, shouldn’t have traded for him then barely play him, Geno is an upgrade from Mark Sanchez, but David Gerrard is in the wings too.

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  • J Whistles

    Good move for Geno, bad move for Hov. This kids trouble.

  • @ Rozay – Gerrard retired, it’s Sanchez’s team, SMH at people thinking this is a big sign by RocNation – the guy fired his legit agent because his stock dropped and RocNation scoops up this scrub of a QB, going to the worst sideshow of a team in the NFL
    > The Cano thing in baseball is a good look because they’re partnering with a legit agency already established run by some legit Jews making money – and Cano is a big name
    With Geno in the NFL, Geno is a joke, and ROc Nation is taking a big risk.
    Overall in terms of keeping money in the black community…SMH at you ignorant ass kids – JAY-Z is OWNED by white PEOPLE – if ANYone thinks JAY owns his own shit, visa-vie American Gangster style, they are verrry wrong

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  • GB

    Man, this guy just gets how to succeed in pro sports doesn’t he? Good luck with that Geno…

  • Rozay

    It was Sanchez team last year but Rex Ryan is on the hot seat, so to try to keep his gig he will throw his boy Mark Sanchez under the bus, last year they had Tim Tebow to blame shit on but this year Woody Johnson aint going for that shit, if the Jets don’t do shit Rex is gone.
    I don’t care who owns Jay-Z because that nigga is making moves, at damn near half a Billie, if that is being owned by someone then call me Toby, ya’erd.

  • jeezy

    @Nathaniel if the nigga Hov was such a Great mentor to Labron & this & that how come he couldnt get the nigga to sign with the Nets?? or even better how come he’s not representing Labron?? That nigga Labron may look like a dummy but he’s not

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  • papi chulo

    @ skrillaxe. Hey you can argue that Jay is owned by whites, but I think what you meant is that they control his moves. If you meant the former then it may very well be the case that we are all owned by someone. CEO is held responsible by the share owners, avg employee is held responsible by his or her supervisor, owner of a business is held responsible by his or her clients… Jay doesn’t necessarily have to be owned by anyone when he has that type of money. Owned by someone comes from dependency and he is not dependent because he of his net worth. He can hang it up tomorrow and be straight. … Again ownership is based on the dependency of others. Without it there is no control.

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