New Mixtape: Turk Louisianimalz Vol. 1


Can’t tame Turk since his release and today he drops the first series of his Louisianimalz. Guests in the pack include B.G., Juve, Young Scooter and more. Titles and download below.


Download here

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  • Jacob

    Ahh shit it’s that new sheek louch, donnie g part 2!!

  • Yeezus Christ

    he looks just like the ape

  • LikeJordan45

    Nigga bit off the worst Sheek Louch cover of all time, what a fucking fail

  • Subwaysinner

    Sheek Louch Album cover part 2 ? by someone else part 1?

  • Trillionare

    The nigga was locked up for almost 10 YEARS… Ya think he came across a Sheek Louch album that sold 5 digits at best in a Lousiana Jail?!?!?!?! Lets get serious

  • Sheek Louch album cover. yo they remixing Album covers now?

  • Ken P the teabagger

    yeah turk probably never came across that sheek louch album but it seem like somebody around him should have known

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