New Music: Ciara x Nicki Minaj “I’m Out”

im out-cover

Ciara and Nicki Minaj toast to the single life on their latest collaboration. Single ladies clap your hands. Her self-title album Ciara is out July 9.

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  • Yeezus Christ

    10/10 would fuck

  • Rozay

    I tried listening to this but as soon as I heard a yo CiCi, I turned that shit off,that voice is annoying as fuck, sorry Nikki get your money though.

  • Frank

    This shit bangs can’t front.

  • im feelin this styll. nicki killed it good collab

  • Mr. Opinion

    Nice.. good to see Ciara gettin back to it!

  • yo

    shes 2 for 2. this shit is sick.

  • Jibster

    They better shoot a vid together!

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  • Hey dummy that posted four spots above me

    You fat bastard shut the fuck up….. I know your big fat ass don’t make me expose you….. you porkly son of a bitch, If you spent as much time in the gym as you did hating your fat ass would be in shape, I’m your conscience you big bastard, you are a disgrace to Queens, NY

    your big ass couldn’t pull somebody like Ciara because that’s too much pork for one fork.

  • King

    she’s a bang bang

  • SuperMarioKart64

    Might crank it to Nicki’s verse.