New Music: Mack Maine Ft. Ace Hood, French Montana, Rick Ross & Busta Rhymes “Kobe Or Ginobili (Remix)”


As far as the playoffs go, Kobe’s out and Ginobili’s in. Nonetheless, Young Money’s president rounds up the usual suspects for the assist.


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  • cant wait for the round up!! IT’S COMMIN

  • Batman

    Wayne, K. Dot and Cole are the only ones with originality anymore. Damn



  • nijea

    Same feature to every damn remix. These nigga shouldn’t do no more of these the whole summer. Not even going to listen to the record.

  • Batman

    Lmao, yall hate on him, but Mac Diesel is funny as hell hahahahha

  • Midsize Jerm

    Honesty prefer the original. This is one of the laziest remixes ever. I was expecting Busta to anchor the track but he really let me down.

  • creo

    Fuck these niggaz. Niggaz better learn 2 do solo songs. Same bullshit different day

  • Hey dummy that posted five spots above me

    How many copies did you sell of your comedy album? Oh that’s right none you don’t get paid to entertain do you? you come on here posting your bullshit for free…. Don’t hate on your opinion…..fuck your opinion nigga….. now that’s funny.

  • djrobdice

    I haven’t seen the word Remix without French Montana’s name behind it in months

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  • Leon Sandcastle

    I forgot that French album came out. Is it any good? The production at least? Guess ill make my way over to youtube

  • Shny

    @leon sandcastle typical uptempo beats.remix deal Buy one (rick ross ) get one half off (French )& one free(ace hood ).

  • The Facade

    Fucking garbage. This type of song will be unlistenable 25 years from now….just absolute trash

  • HaitianMAFIA

    @creo…fuck nigga 187..MIAMI-DADE

  • HaitianMAFIA

    Dade county where the real niggaz suck dick n take it up the ass.niggaz dnt know how real we is. My booty hole stay troat got a dick in it. Fuck creo i want 2suck his dick. Bust on my face creo 187. Haitians fuck boy dade county killa

  • creo

    ^Lol i knew u was gay bitch u get no respect. My dick n ur momma mouth bitch.fuck u in dat gay shit.

  • HaitianMAFIA

    @creo 187 yea im gay so what fuck ass nigga.

  • get murked

    ^ smh HaitianMafia. Nigga like 2 touch his toes. Foh!

  • son


  • @PeBbLe_PeE007

    This Track is just off the hook! Hoooooootttttt!!!!