Eminem & Friends Europe Show Dates


If you’re over in Eurupe this August, you may want to know that Marshall has announced three shows and is bringing Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf and Kendrick along for the ride.

August 17, Slane Castle, Ireland [ tickets ]
Plan B, Earlwolf (Tyler, The Creator & Earl Sweatshirt), Yelawolf, Slaughterhouse

August 20, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow Summer Session [ tickets ]
Kendrick Lamar, Earlwolf (Tyler, The Creator & Earl Sweatshirt), Yelawolf

August 22, Stade de France, France [ tickets ]
Kendrick Lamar, Earlwolf (Tyler, The Creator & Earl Sweatshirt), Slaughterhouse


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  • Huge for Earlwolf

  • dmc

    Exciting stuff.

  • weedhead


  • White Shady

    dammit. do this shit in USA!!!

  • Starfox64

    Whose earlwolf?

  • MrSkeezyMak


  • Gambino

    Can I come?



  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This dude name is “Earl Sweatshirt”.

  • Capricorn Religion

    I seen Em’s name in the headline and almost went full Stan mode. Can’t front. . . I need to hear something about the new album.

    I know Kanye has everything on lock right now as far as all eyes on him but, after his run has died down a bit, the Promo train for Em needs to start

  • FIRE. .

  • Musikal

    Earlwolf is a group tyler and earl made. Like mellowhype

  • The Wise

    Wow seems lik it would be a dope ass show!!! All there is to really see is em an yelawolf & royce those alone would kill a show with out laughter house ..an i say that cus joe budden a bitch! Other then that joellz an crooked got my respect !!


  • LIMB0


  • WestCoast

    Eminem FT Kendrick Lamar (prod by : Dr.Dre)

  • Evil

    Thats just dope!
    Now we need some info on EMs new album.He has to drop the album before the shows so i expect the Eminem PR train to come very soon.

    Eminem feat Kendrick Prod By Dre..i wouldnt mind that!!!!

  • Prophet


  • djrobdice

    Dope line up

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  • Black Shady

    you know that new Em album coming soon!!!

    Hopefully theres a Em/K.dot collabo

  • The Wise

    White boy gonna come take the game back an black people will hate starting…………
    …….1…..2…..3….now! Ahahahaha the take over yall love to hate…

  • wickwickwack

    probably minus joey

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  • jose


  • Bangers N Mash

    Fire this shit up to Canada. That’d be a dope show.

  • WHEN!

    n he still didnt come up with new shit :s (not even the lead single)

  • (o_o)

    em is the type of person who can pack out the biggest arena possible everyday in a row for a year.

    em will drop a single and then an album very soon people, the official eminem store released some hats and on the side of them is every year that em has dropped an album + 2013, the album will be here soon so just be patient.


  • JamesBond


  • blah blah

    fuck sake no Kendrick in Ireland??? Get Paul on the fuckin phone!!!

  • Obama

    How many of ya’ll heard of that I AM STRUGGLE album with YELAWOLF?!?! Shit goes hard

  • Wolf

    If only it was Hopsin not Earlwolf

  • Donfeelip

    YEESS ! I Got my Paris Tickets 😀
    Shit is craaazy 🙂

  • truth


  • ILoveRap

    THEY Should Put him on this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTpEgg3jXw8

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  • x

    Typo: Eurupe

  • Tanya

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  • 11.2.11

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