• Jdog

    No disrespect to anyone in this picture, but remember when people involved in hip-hop dressed well? Now we get jeans, t-shirts with meaningless phrases on them and snapbacks. Where’s the style?

  • big finders

    “if he gets an hour with you…..he could talk you outta ya clothes” -Mannie Fresh talking about Baby
    I bet Wayne feels dumb knowing he’s NOT the only on that Baby’s talked outta they clothes…….ahahahahahaha

  • big finders

    ^^the only ONE* that…….

  • SBMobile

    Mannie Fresh is so valuable! Listening to this, it’s clear why they wanted him out & didn’t want him to get his: he’d be schooling all of CM/YMCMB artists while they’re in the studio sessions. He only talks sense, which would counter the angle Baby/Slim takes with their business practices. #TheRobbery

  • SBMobile

    Some classic “t’s” in this pic. From reading one of the comments it feels good to be in the “know” of a more intelligent time, when ads/slogans had actual meaning (better brainwashing, less obvious, lol). #CamelClutch #CobraClutch #haha

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  • Great interview. #HistoryLesson suckas!

  • DopeMatic3002

    Hey I want to wear a t-shirt with large font on it too!

  • brollya

    cipha sound and dem actin lik they know bout the early cash money wen they aint even know the big tymers first album and the early shit. how u not bring up drag em from the river and all b.g. albums its all on u vol 1 nd 2 and chopper city.. thats goes to show u that niggaz jus dickride wen they hear it on the market without hearing it themselves

  • sign of the times, dudes more interested in what other dudes is wearing than the content of what they talking about lol