• Facts

    So Gucci sellin albums for $6 now and is unable to provide physical copies? Shout out to the Snowman, Coochie’s career dead

  • Gambino

    Bossin up

  • Kush

    Fire. Gotta cop this

  • LardASS

    guwoppppp in that new droop

  • 1017 Glo Gang

    Guwop ain’t sell out like Jeezy or Tip Gucci gin always be near that stovetop BURR

  • DONT HATEhttp://www.youtube.c

  • Facts

    Jeezy never sold out

    TM103 > Coochie

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  • stillbumpinAMilli

    jeezy suck gucci`s dick nigga always put out platinum mixtapes when jeezy just a commercial dog

  • blow

    gucci is a better TRAP/STREET rapper than jeezy/tip hands down. he makes better TRAP/STREET music than jeezy/tip. jeezy/tip are commercial artist that try to do TRAP/STREET music here&there but they have lost there TRAP/STREET credibility.


  • Dro

    Lol jeezy rip every track he get on…gucci i can barely hear what he sayin

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  • nigga creep

    Gucci a weak ass nigga and so is anyone else that think different. He drop a mixtape like once a month and nobody even checkin for him. His 15 is up.

  • StarFox64


  • ILoveRap

    THEY Should Put him on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTpEgg3jXw8

  • blow

    @nigga creep

    nigga are you stupid? he’s #3 top artist search on live mixtapes. he has exclusive drops(countdowns) on live mixtapes and datpiff. check his plays,downloads,votes on his mixtapes. HE’S A BASICALLY A MIXTAPE RAPPER and the best at that

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