• SoloK

    *Face Palm*

  • Facts

    Reflecting back, it’s crazy how Officer Ricky came up blatantly lying. Just listen to these lyrics. It’s a shame for these people who claim this culture called Hip Hop


    whoever even listens to this KILL YOSELF

  • Ipodman

    Lol who in their right mind will download a mixtape with these 2 clowns talking about fairytales money and bitches and it’s hosted by the most annoying person in music smh

  • Coroner

    Wackest mixtape of the decade!

  • Prophet

    officer ricky, dj khaled, baby; can this be worse?

  • Balla

    Not even gonna waste time downloading this shit. William fell off a long time ago and who the fuck listens to Birdman?

  • J UK

    Not listening to this but peeped the tracklist and had to comment: Addicted isn’t even an unreleased song. I’m pretty sure it has a video from years ago too

  • deo

    Rick Ross, Birdman AND Dj Khaled??? Whats not to like!!!!

  • Rozay

    I will download this shit because it’s free, I I listened to it first, not that bad the beats are nice, Khaled with them damn flex bombs man killin me lol, this might as well be a Ross Wayne album because Wayne wrote all Birdmans verses, what they are doing is gauging interest to see if someone will actually buy the album, this a nice mixtape to ride to I am not gonna lie can’t believe I said that with a straight face.

  • fastflipper

    sun come up

    was originaly a track of g malone

  • Truuuth Doe

    I’d literally rather funnel broken glass into my ear then even think about clicking play. God Bless all you idiots like fuck w. this shit. faggots.

  • Belize

    Buuurrdman Buuurdman > Birdman

  • Belize

    Living in the Burbs Man > Birdman

  • Coney

    I’m not downloading just based off the song titles alone. Pop that Pussy, Got a bitch, Homey N Hoes?? I’ll pass.

  • Not Bad, its alright!!

  • Southnigga

    TWO BIGGEST HUSTLERS IN DA GAME DOWN SOUTH NIGGAS…ny niggaz ballers…west niggaz gangbang…downsouth niggaz hustlers

  • solid tape. Birdman spit game n Ro$$ tell it like it is.

  • Troll Free

    On the song Homey N Hoes fast forward to 2:20 the bitch clown that fraud Ross hahahahahahah.

  • deo

    hey every1 stahp hating on them. they has more monies then all of you combined

  • Troll Free

    This tape go harder than Drought 4….. Meek Mill album….Carter 4,Nikki Minaj last album…. I am a Human being 1 and 2 even though Rick Ross is a fraud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fuck these niggaz

    I cnt fuck wit a fraud ass ex C.O. or a nigga dat dnt pay niggaz they money unless its n court. bitch niggaz keep supporting tho. ho niggaz ride 2gether do u bitch


    Man fugg what yall lah bois shittin this shit isn’t bad, and birdman is a TRUE hustler came from nothin,


    Only bitch niggas speak on shit they don’t know about to other people, yall don’t know nathin about these rappers personally but could sit on a computer and str8 disrespect another mans situation

  • Evil

    These fucks are all about quantity over quality.
    They puke out garbage songs all the time,getting played out very fast.

    The people who think this is good are already brainwashed,they hear songs like this all the time and in the end they actually think its good music.This is what killing hip hop.

    Raise your standards fuckboys and stop listening to trash like this.

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    these two are all about the money, thats the shit i like

  • H
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  • (o_o)

    not even gonna bother… It’s sad that the state of the game is that G’s like baby and wayne have not just sold out, but they are ruining the game by flooding people with trash like this giving hip hop a bad name.

  • chasee

    gudda gudda snaps on number 11

  • fuck wack music

    Fuck this ass music!!

  • Regular Guy

    Um, he killed that shyt wtf all the hating for?

  • watcher

    Ross is that dude!! all these thisis50 stans need to fall back!! nobody is checkin’ for miss curtis, MMG all day any day !!!

  • watcher

    Im gay i like 2 blow dicks MMG ALL DAY. FUCK ME N THE ASS. ROSS MAKES ME HORNY

  • Millz

    Birdman just flat out sucks lyrically and has for over 15 years now. #1 stunna was good when it came out but every song, every year since, all sounds the same.

  • Millz

    When people hear Birdman these days, they think of BBall

  • Foreign luccini

    *rich gang* that’s that new movement!!! Ymcmb is signing all types of trash artis like that fruit cake kaskey, and that other clown from that mtv2 show!!! Rich gang is the new cash money!!!

  • John Cusack

    So Gudda Gudda is now Gudda or is this his brother or something?

  • asmodeus ashmadi

    I just feel like everybody trying to keep ross relevant but let karma have its way with him he did pill and a lot of others real dirty u don’t use somebody logo then don’t pay them for it! if it were mcdonalds or something he would’ve got sued and this is why he not buzzing nomore ross khaled and a lot of other artist need to stop making records for at least three or four more years cause they talking about the same shit over and over again and I’m tired of they sound already! give it a rest already.

  • joe

    This shit is whack!!!!

  • ILoveRap

    The Fux ?!