• Faded

    Lol. That is all.

  • Obama

    Goodbye hip hop.. It was good run…

  • Sladez…

    Lol this non rappin fagg. That’s that hoe attire!!

  • Obama

    Just a thought.. What if Pac was still alive???

  • Young Nigga

    Who the fuck is this nigga???

  • Euro

    Some Hip- Hop dudes been dressing like faggs lately smh. Tf? Def Jam major L lmao.

  • Tev Milli

    Hell this nigga got on…..
    Fuck Rocko……
    Thats all I got 2 say

  • The Facade

    Thank you B Dot

  • JHP

    He lowkey killed this, while y’all hating, of course not nearly on the level Black Hippy killed it, but still pretty dope none the less.

  • watcher

    what language is this..? smh

  • Regular Guy

    um, he killed this shyt idk what y’all talking about.

  • mrzee

    i will tell you no lie. i had a very similar suit macthign and all as a child. im not even joking. fashion is funny

  • Paxx

    ? why are all the comments above fuckin up the verse? it was just a regular verse with him talkin some real shit abt his own life. smh just cuz trinidad james is the name on the song ppl hate. sad

  • NiggaNiggaNigga

    Best of luck to you in your career Trinidad James.

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    Really “fashion icon”? Georgio Armani= fashion icon, Ralph Lauren= fashion icon, Oscar de la Renta= fashion icon, etc. these people who created fashion, who studied how to cut fabric, this rapper who never even owned sewing machine is considered a fashion icon? What’s going on over there?

  • DJ

    If pac was alive he will just be irrelevant now like most legends from that era,,,

    and shut up b.dot, Im sure def jam know what to do with him.


    ^^^ If Makaveli Return He’ll Kill This Shit U.O.E.N.O IT!….IF Big Survive His Flow like Moet u Swear he was a poet.http://www.rhapsody.com/artist/drg-styles/album/doomsday2099

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  • Evil

    what a faggot

  • watcher

    that’s the problem with these new hiphoppie fans falling for every new rapper who have 1 hot single out.. them dudes have no substance, they stand for nothing and fall for everything.. and the industry promotes them extra, because conscious hiphop is to dangerous. It would enlighten the mind of the people at the bottom..never a good thing for the powers that be!

  • StarFox64

    how does somebody who’s an entertainer become allowed to have a picture taken of him in an outfit like that?? too much acceptance of faggotry nowadays just cuz kanye’s a faggot…

  • diggalive

    Hmm really? I like Trinidad James, not sure whatup with that ‘good luck getting another all gold everything’ . where is 50 cent’s new ‘in the club’? Where is ludacris’s new ‘My Fantasy’? Where is Chief Keefs new ‘I Don’t Like’?? It’s not easy getting a gold single, but that don’t mean he needs to quit, and we need to put the man down daym.


    coon ass nigga

  • Leon Sandcastle

    Lol. @ the pic.

  • stillbumpinAMilli

    ok now let travis scott do this.

  • chilltrills

    the bars are sub par,,,,,so he gotta do some gimmick weird shit to stay relevant,, thats the corny shit in hiphop,,,when its organic everybody knows,,,,when its fuckery it looks like this,,,,really dude? psssss,these niggas!!

  • Sgt.Pepper

    good Lord, the photo Rap Radar uses….this clown looks more clowning than ever…

    be eccentric, by all means, plenty of style examples to reference, but a walking comic strip only increases the laughter. Homeboy need to meet with Ross to talk about Wing Stop investing cuz this rap money gon run out

  • label folks r idiots…. they never learn..

  • Galvatron

    “The label want another All Gold but a nigga aint stressin” – Trinidad James. That line was for B. Dot and the other hating/negative folks. I’m not a TJ fan but this seemed to be one of his better verses.

    Sidenote observation:
    How is a blog gone post some song/promo but hate/down on the artist at the same time? Seems easier to just not post the damn song. If you’re gonna complain about the music why post it? It’s only perpetuating the “trash music issue” being complained about… Politics, right?

  • L4U

    Fuck his fashion listen to his verse its improved people damn give him that. At least he’s not pulling a Riff Raff

  • JPK

    did yall say fashion icon foh yellow nigga

  • DK

    @diggalive the difference between TJ and say, 50 or Luda is that 50 and Luda have discernible talent, and that their lead singles weren’t entirely based off a stupid gimmick. “In Da Club” in particular; that song still plays on many radio stations almost 11 years after it first came out, and 50 had successful singles after that (“P.I.M.P.”, “Candy Shop”, various guest spots and songs with G-Unit). Ludacris isn’t the phenomenon that he once was, but he’s still relevant to the point where he’s still in the general “hip hop” conversation. Trinidad James had one hot single due to flashy production, goofy fuckin’ costumes and just overall being a walking minstrel show. I guarantee you that in two years, he’ll be in the unemployment line behind Ca$h Out and MIMS.

  • splffyjones

    I dunno this says a line “i got fam servin fiends.. and fiends i call my fam” with this dude named logic who is trying basically steal drakes persona.(logic sounds like a Drake imitator)

  • @_iAM_sam_

    Absolutely nothing wrong with that verse…keep doing ya thang T James…

  • B

    dude fuckin killed this shit. its all chopped up because its edited. that unedited version would be fire. good shit t-james. its funny cuz hes literally rappin about yall hating on him. i love it. its even funnier that the haters took time out of there day to listen to this. t-james stay winning! win, win win, win win

  • lol he did him tho

    Get at Us for beats


  • dat nigga

    best UOENO