New Video: Papoose x DJ Premier “Turn It Up”

From the streets to studio, Papoose and Premier mean mug through out his latest viral presentation. Off the Nacirema Dream which you can download here.


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  • juelz

    hey bdot, you’re acting like a real hoe these days. YN gona relieve u of ur duties soon.

  • I like this video, It has that 90’s vibe to it!!!

  • Bangers N Mash

    This is dope.

  • tha OG

    This shit go hard!!!

  • And still none of you will copp it

  • TImeChange

    yea,this shit dope,wasnt expecting this

  • T

    dope … real hip hop

  • C

    second verse was doope

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  • Rip

    Papoose’s album is fire… I am really surprise by the whole album… My favorite track ” Die like G”…. Certified banger… Make me wanna go and buy another album of his just thinking about the album…

  • Nickey Black

    The song is cool. I heard harder beats from Premiere in his early days. This beat sounds like a Gangstarr era beat. Premo use to kill beats. This beat is average.

    Papoose is good but he lacks hunger and edge. He doesn’t showcase what 50 showcased back in the day or the hardcore that Nas displayed on Premo tracks. I don’t think Pap will blow. He doesn’t put enough energy in the air to make you gravitate towards him. Shit, his wife Remy, had what it took to be recognize.

    Good song overall, but replayable.

  • Nickey Black

    But not replayable

  • Gatzby

    i would much rather hear some premo production instead of shit like repetitive ass hit boy..

  • Dashing

    @Gatzby, I feel you, but it’s def not Premo’s best work. It’s too repettive and no scratches. A little disappointed.

  • sheeka

    u people kill me coming up her commenting like u are some type of experts or as if anybody cares about ya opinion papoose is a all time great who will only come every 20 years he is incredible yall too stupid to know it are u deaf??

  • caliber

    papoose pa poose

  • go papoose yessssss! free remy ma

  • Today I Learned: Some people still think Papoose is gonna do something substantial. This is garbage.