• The game spits fire as always, One of the most uderated rappers in the game (no Pun intended) today!

  • yn


  • Sounds like Pac I ain’t mad at u pt 2. Crazy how he can mimic any rapper. Tough song though, Game always spits fire.

  • Co-sign @ poetic assasin shit just sounds like PAC. DOPE #OKE

  • King

    my niggah

  • Rozay

    Game is in the entertainment industry and does a lot of impressions, todays impression 2pac.

  • tha OG

    Illuminati sacrifice

  • Dtrain

    Song tight, but sound to much like pac. this nigger is the flow taker,

  • King

    If Game can spit like this on each track he will go down as one of the best to ever do it!

  • JL

    Lost his friend to gun violence and his mixtape is called operation kill everything? Dumb

  • @ JL, u a dumb mu’fucka. Operation kill everything can stand for “KILL EVERY BEAT OR MURDER EVERY SONG ON THE TAPE” common sense biatch!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOL

    this man is a top 10 rapper, fuck what anybody say

  • djrobdice

    How man faces is he gonna get tatted on him?

  • Black Shady

    sounds like Pac indeed

  • LikeJordan45

    I’m convinced The Game just doesn’t want to be himself. This nigga loves pretending.

  • The Facade


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  • West Coast for life

    Jesus Piece was still better 90 percent of the albums that came out in 2012. The other 10 percent is Kendrick. West West yall.

  • boooosa

    pretty dope ..sad shit thi

  • TruthBeTold

    Jesus Piece was slept on .

    This track is dope , he DOES sound like 2 pac but that ain’t no reason to hate .

    Personally, I think that he changes his flow/voice to match beats better than 90% of other rappers ; which is something to applaud . .

    I find when he has features on his tracks he usually bases his flow (sometimes) around their flow & delivery ; I have no problem with that ! It makes the song string together effortlessly .

    That’s the truth

  • Dope Record. Came from a place of pain. A lot of times, the best records come from pain.

  • Obama

    Reap what you sow.. Good luck with “Operation KILL Everything”… Ignorant shit

  • born sinner

    lil frog is da reason he is nt releasin ali bombaye…game flow reminded me of dA days….dope

  • NY Kidd



    Best Rapper Alive great track Rip

  • K

    Dope shit… Game always delivers! #OKE

    R.I.P. Frogg

  • wow

    borrowing someone`s flow is a homage like Snoop borrowed from Slick Rick, Big Pun from G Rap, Eminem from Master Ace and the list goes on and on that’s hip-hop ya`ll stupid fucks! Good song. R.I.P. Frogg

  • K

    Instead of hating on Game for “stealing” flow… recognize a talent and it’s exactly what wow said… it’s paying homage. This shit is real…. way more real that anybody is putting in.

  • Los


  • stillbumpinAMilli

    was watchin whole thing at his instagram .the realest instagram ever existed…period…

  • @Dtrain really? you some fuckin racist or some shit? go kill yourself loser

  • That tat is hard.. Sorry for your loss bro.. West Coast!!! Cop that Darwins Theory on #Itunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/darwins-theory/id547523465 <—Support

  • Foreign luccini

    *i miss the old game* tattoos,bandanas, & tongue rings haha that nigga thing he koo cause he rich gang goon on the wess coast!!!


    RIP Y.F.