New Music: Meek Mill “Levels”

Diddy Hosts Fight Night After Party At Palms Pool Inside Palms Casino Resort In Las Vegas

Meek explains the hierarchy of the game on his new track produced by Cardo. There’s level’s to this shit. Which plateau are you on?


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  • whoooo

    This nigga is trassshhhhhh

  • ThisShitRightHereNigga

    lol Cassidy murdered this fool.

  • stunna

    this mofo next album gon be plastic

  • J UK

    Was garbage. And Dreamchasers 3 should have been out ages ago, delayed and no dates or anything, sort it out nigga

  • Genesis

    I have NEVER fucked with this nigga, and this doesn’t change that at all……

  • BK

    HAHAH Cassidy aka meekmillKILLA

  • DeezNutz

    damn all the hate….for real doe meek mill been acting like a bitch since he blew up

  • StarFox64


  • He seriously went in the studio and recorded this?

  • Nickey Black

    I digs it.

    Still feel Meek, but when I heard Swimming Pools I forgot about him. Then I heard this album called Goodkidmadcity, and I totally forgot I was suppose to purchase Dreams to Nightmares. Now that I think about it, I still gotta cop that album. Damn Kendrick for making a DOPE album.

    I’m trying to see if I can support Meek like I did in 2011….hmmmmm

  • Rozay

    Eminem, Busta Buss, and Meek Mill are the top yellers in the game, except Busta Buss and Em have skill

  • Kali

    a lil disappointed but this is aight

  • kayandgee

    this is a banger! what u guys l;istening to? 1 am at the club its goin offf

  • Ronnie Mack JR


  • at least he turnt the yelling volume down at this time

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Another L for MMG

  • tre

    not bad might hav a hit here

  • the future

    all these bloggers gassed this shit up and this is extremely eh

    bloggers are worse than the a&r’s at these labels now shit….blame meek’s handlers and mmg’s resident a&r’s and dick lickers for gassing him on this bullshit

    bury em in those trash ass pumas he rocking

  • son

    Not bad

  • Dee Haven


  • asmodeus ashmadi

    THE same old whack shit! can we please retire this whole sound! I’m telling you MMG is not gonna last meek ross and khaled all need a new sound this year WTF! DAM I’m tired of his flow its the same on everything he do u think people wanna hear this shit at a show!!? HELL NO!!

  • asmodeus ashmadi

    YO @thefuture u my nigga for that puma comment. This shit is whack him ross and khaled need a new sound MMG is like the titanic.

  • Jrocc

    Keep rapping like that fool and you gonna be on the BOTTOM level son. WITH no ROLEY no whips nothing. Dumbass fool is so annoying

  • The Facade

    Meek needs to come with something different or he won’t even outsell Gunplay…
    Don’t mind the song, just heard him aggressively lecture me about his jewelry and vehicles over this type of beat about 50 times now.
    But thank you B Dot for keeping the steady flow of MMG content from taking a break this Saturday morning.

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  • TruthBeTold

    So I scrolled past this post at least 5 times before I played it

    Meek Mill …… Will you ever change the dynamic range of your rapping voice, how many levels are to that shit ? Dude literally shouts one tone into the mic .

    As for the track though , its OK . It didn’t blow me away. The beat however is crazy ! I would’ve liked to have heard someone else on the track as a feature or as their own , but I don’t know who .

    anyway, this is a track I would play in the whip (due the ignorance of the bass) , but thats it . I think Meek Mill is for people who haven’t listened to him intentionally or unintentionally a lot before . Because everyone else knows what they’re going to get .

    thats the truth

  • Truth

    IS THIS NIGGA STILL SCREAMING!!!!????!!??!?!?!?!?????

  • Good

    His version of “Started From The Bottom” ?

  • King Judo

    Same ole Meek…In my opinion hes turned into a workout artist…U only play dat shit when u workin out. He still screaming like we cant hear him.The beat is nice. I wish meek would switch his flow up a lil bit. All the greats have more than one flow they use. People say what they want about Wale he is a true lyricist who raps about different topics. Meek is just rapping about his possesions and the bitches he fuckin. If he dont get another flow under his belt his career will be setback farther than Lebrons hairline.

  • King Judo

    Thats just my opinion tho.Whoever mentioned that Puma line…Right on point.

    80’$ Baby

  • the brain trust

    I’m sorry, but Meek is terrible.

    He doesn’t stand for anything, doesn’t have an interesting perspective on anything, is a middle of the pack MC & recycles his flows like no other.

    The only level this shit occupies is the bottom.

  • W33d~RolL-Up

    i like that beat

  • Foreign luccini

    *ciroc boy forever * that peach shit nasty doe!!

  • G

    This summer when them get money niggas ridin to this shit, when the clubs are trunt up and when shorties are makeing it clap stupid… This song will grow on you… Time is the teller of all…

  • Black Shady

    listen to 1 meek mill song and you’ve heard them all


  • Canyonero

    Horrible. Listened to the first 30 seconds and put Wolf back on.

  • T

    B.Dot, it’s : “There’s levels”, not “There’s level’s”.

    Are you guys uneducated overpaid wannabe writers or something?? Spelling mistakes galore on this site. It’s getting ridiculous.

  • smh

    he is so abrasive O_o and it ain’t like he gets me hyped either, makes me wanna press stop!

  • Hannibal Lecture

    No gold plaque yet Meek? Cassidy won!

  • Ok

    Meek just stop rapping! The more u rap the more pathetic u are! Wow Cassidy really ruined ur name!!!

  • MY MAN

    Does Meek consider himself and artist? Clearly he has no vision or originality. He will def be a rapper with a short shelf life. He started rapidly spirally downward once he hit send to blast this record out.

  • prai$e

    lol airplay is going to outsell meek.

  • Balla

    Meek was dope when Dreamchasers 1 came out. I used to fuck with him heavy back then. But now its gotten old. This nigga been putting out the exact same shit since then

  • KoldCase

    this aint bad

    thank God he isnt yelling as bad as his last few tracks

  • Javito_1

    Where do I start. I hate this nigga’s face, his disposition,his message, his voice, his flow, his clothes, his producer,the fact that he’s signed, that fact that he aired out his old friend for justifiably asking him to return a favor, and most of all the fact that he had the nerve to call out cassidy for a battle. I hate this nigga’s EVERYTHING, and I don’t care that that makes me a hater. The fact that people like this corny nigga is what’s wrong with the world.

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  • King E

    Damn, Meek Mill has good flow, horrible subject matter, and sounds the same on every song, he has pretty good beats coming out of MMGs camp though. I know he will appeal to the younger audience who listen to hip-hop, but anyone else will mute this $hit, he can definitely make bangers but that’s not saying much when you have good beat, there’s nothing about this guy that makes me want to listen to him, and this track is mediocre.

  • PaperTags

    meek gettin money flyin in jets fuckin hoes yall dream of… and yall sitting at the computer mad hahaha… u see the diff in levels?

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