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    Young Buck always delivers!!!

  • StarFox64

    they stopped posting album sales i noticed..

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ Give it until Wednesday, that’s when they post. Unless, it’s over 100k they won’t post.

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  • A

    ^^^ http://www.hitsdailydouble.com check every Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s a good one.

  • LOL

    i fucks with Buck but he needs to get rid of that other guy and just do things solo

  • H
  • The Facade

    It’s over for you Buck fall back and find a new income stream

  • Anonymous fap master

    this niggery ass shit sucks. Young buck x tha city? is that supposed to be cool

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  • joe

    Buck got more buzz then bum banks free Buck!!!! BWS MG

  • sug