New Music: Nipsey Hussle “Respect Ya Passion”


The man keeps his word. Another 2,000 followers, another new release. This time Nipsey links with Bink!. Gotta respect it. Look for TM3: Victory Lap this summer.


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  • King

    not feeling this one

  • CRazy, I think this joint is dope 7/10

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Nip back on the grind i almost counted him out. Shits a banger!

  • LOL

    i think Nipsey waited too long to drop, he finna go triple copper


    Nipsey doper then Kendrick he just let beat him to the Punch
    Ha no pun intended Punch

  • Foreign luccini

    Bro got lyrics, but his shit sound local!! It’s different when u in the foreign wit ya bitch she wanna here some real music not no mixtape shit!!!!

  • fuck this nigga

    Nipsey better then kendrick lol u must be smoking rocks. Foh!

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  • One Love

    # SALUTE Genuine Music

  • No1

    Nip is always dropping heat. Much much better than Kendrick. Kendrick only stands out because in this world of loose morals and instant gratification, he touches on a decent way of living and thinking. That is nothing ground breaking or original in the historical sense of hip hop music.

    There is just something about the truth, relativeness and raw talent of Nip though. Nip is the type artist that will not have to sell platinum, but off of his ethics nd hard work alone he will forever make $$$ and power moves. Respect. Legend in the making.