• LikeJordan45

    Son still has a career? Wow

  • Chris

    Though he’s definitely talented, I barely care about Fred. I’m supposed to care about his weed carriers?

  • Chris

    I will say, his group has some of the most hilariously bad and cliche MC names I’ve seen in a while. “Friday Octoba”? “Papers”? “Bam Vito”?

  • Fred is Nice, niggas want to talk shit, Post Up your Rapper or Rap Skills

  • Not feeling the Dirty South Type Music though

  • mac DIESEL

    ^^^^^^^^ say it again

  • Reality Bitez

    @Da Truthhhh:

    Im personally fed up with the justification/excuse of “you can’t do it, so don’t talk shit”
    so by this logic you must like every movie ever released…..and definitely can’t say ANY movie is shitty because YOU DON’T MAKE MOVIES…..
    that goes for everything else…….SMH so opinions are not allowed anymore? every opinion that ISN’T positive is hating? really?
    wish ya’ll knew how ignorant and childish ya’ll sound with that line……smh

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  • Foreign luccini

    I see why the word *biter* came from ny!!! Nigga stole young jeezy snowman logo!!!

  • lordhavemercy