• J UK

    Feel like I’m 20 years ago.

    Not a bad thing

  • happy gilmore

    this guy sucks

  • Skoe

    No hook/No orginality 🙁

  • G. Dot

    why are people still sleeping on this guy?

    Wake and bakin to this, direct from Australia

  • Midsize Jerm

    Yeah I really don’t see what the hype is about, this song has a hot beat but Joey’s bars are basic like always, not that it’s a bad song but there’s nothing to make me want to listen again, from that first played out “Reggie like bush” line it felt bland, and that’s pretty much how I feel about all his music. I don’t see another “All Gold Everything” coming from this guy anytime soon, if ever.

  • yo


  • Very dope song. Can’t wait for the mixtape.

  • Troofas

    See that’s what old heads like Pete rock get for hyping this wack fool up! This nigga straight trash boogie b! Who wanna listen to this shit again? He should’ve signed with Hov when he had a chance too.

  • mrdontplay

    you kids don’t understand hip-hop. This is the essence of what hip-hop is sounds like my era

  • Atlas


  • Joey is dope.IDK what song yall heard.he’s a dope throwback to an era he wasn’t even end.Dude is nice.beat is hot too.I support him all the way

    Loch Ft. @DJDooWop “Spaz Out” (official Music Video): http://youtu.be/oWF0DkfI2zk

  • StarFox64

    imo he should stop tryna go for an old school sound already..

  • rahrahrah


  • “Rob him for his Nixon, and then question him ’bout his timing” – Is a dope ass line.

    Bada$$ is NICE! #EffYourOpinion.

  • NueSchool

    All you 13 year olds hating on this joint cause it “don’t got a hook” need to stop using your smartphones during recess. this shits flames. Fuck your opinion though

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    this beat is so f’ing nice wow

  • That Guy

    I think only uk people like this. Homeboy sucks. Off beat flow

  • chasee

    all he needs to work on is his delivery and change of flow

  • the brain trust

    I have two issues with this song:

    His flow is over the place & the song is not about anything.

    Statik selektah cooked up an incredibly funky beat, but Joey did nothing with it.

    He could have told a profound story about the perils of street life, but instead, chose to spit incoherent basura.

  • H

    Bk stand up

  • logicness

    trying way too hard you can tell his delivery is so forced..relax and just spit that shit young brotha

  • Foreign luccini

    *rip* ny rap

  • Wolf

    can’t stand this kid

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  • Old Man on Campus

    Damn, who cares about a hook…that’s why mainstream hip hop is ass nowadays cause everybody is all about the chorus and less about the verses…granted this isn’t the greatest song ever but when an18 year old can rap like its 92 he gets props…and by the way a guy named Tupac Shakur never gave a damn about a chorus

  • jess

    It’s not 92 though so what rap like it is? Music is revolutionary I’m still waiting on someone to come with a new sound not something that sounds like 80s 90s or now something refreshing and new

  • ninety three til

    why oh why is this getting so much hate??? it’s so dope. his off beat flow is deliberate and its CRAZY AS HELL!!

    BIG UPS TO YOU JOEY such a dope dope dope song

  • ddd

    This is def a beat that neeeds a hook, Joey def wasted this beat….i dont even know what the fuck hes talking about

  • matrix

    Lol this is actually the best i have heard him sound…song is pretty cool but he is just rhyming bout nothing which alot of these rappers do…so he got the old school sound but the new school rapping about random nothin rhymes lol…but i definitely see improvement so shout out to him…chuuch…

  • Ricflair

    Lol at someone saying it doesn’t need a hook mainstream is wack LOL it’s 2013 I feel like people wanna sing a chorus with the artist it has nothing to do with being mainstream and everything to do with being in a new era….. He can be as backpack as he wants but give the fans something to sing with on the chorus and I don’t mean sing like drake I mean just a decent chorus that when he does a show people don’t feel like its 1997. Joey badass is an arrogant prick in my opinion he will be gone by 2015. Don’t debate me

  • Johnny Ryall

    That was ill fresh to me, but I was 11 in ’93.

  • Marko-V

    This is called an album cut. Listening to the bars I have to realize dude is still only 17 years old and has room for so much growth. I dont know if he has the proper surroundings to facilitate his artistic reach though cuz this sounds like all the other stuff.


  • wouzi

    Classic! real hip hop. future king of NY and he’s bringing NY back with our original style

  • Showboat

    Lyrical monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • King E

    Yeah I know Joey’s Talent is ridiculous and he will be problem as time passes whether you like it or not, but yeah, I definitely feel that he could have better subject matter and flow on such a timeless instant classic beat, I give it a 3/5 from Joey, I think if he told a story, the song would have been an instant classic, but keep doing your thing Joey you still savage regardless.

  • Reef

    He’s only 17. He probably didn’t really experience that much yet so that explains his subject matter. I like the lyrics, but I didn’t like that he was rapping off beat. His songs do kinda sond the same too

  • Chris

    EVERY song, People keep making excuses for this nigga’s lack of ability. He’s young, he’s this, he’s that. Just call a spade a spade, dude isn’t that ill.