• This Guy has all the Promotions in the world and Cant sell pass 49 thousand records.
    This a Rapper that sucks even with all the help in the world.

  • JustMyOpinion

    I tell you what, if there was a wack rapper museum; it would be pretty crowded. *Larry David voice* PRETTY crowded.

  • manistiles

    dope video-

  • The Facade

    2 Chainz and French Montana live in an internet bubble of positive feedback until they drop an album and reality sets in.
    Horrible excuses for music artists.
    Thank You B Dot.

  • Post French Montana soundscan ha weak niggas never prevail

  • Marko-V

    Cap just stick to your new found role of supporting 2 Chainz. You two should learn from Yayo and Fiddy, Spliff Star and Busta, and Bleek and Jay. I know you want your own career however you can only establish that if you create a type of music totally different from trap/club music. Why would they support you when in the public’s mind you’re just 2Chainz hypeman? Real headz know your history and think you’re pretty smart for revitalizing your careet however in order for you to make it work in your favor YOU HAVE TO DO DIFFERENT MUSIC TO DISTINGUISH YOURSELF AND ESTABLISH YOUR VOICE.


  • Every average rapper has a song entitled “Work” (or werk or wurk). I can’t even keep up with it anymore

  • Can I also say, do these mother fuckers realize having a unique flow can actually set you apart? That’s why rap sucks sometimes. Dudes don’t know how to be original. They’re just copying songs they like to hear.

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  • JOHNYblaze

    Dude I could shot a better video with my galaxy ii. WTF this sucks, beat mad ok, I guess I gave it the time of day cause of French and 2 chainz, cap 1 must have some pull huh?

  • NasisLike

    That joint with Game and jezzy go>>>