New Video: Waka Flocka “Can’t Do Gold”

Waka can’t do gold, but we can. Shot in the heart of Baisley Projects in Queens, Waka brings his antics from the block to the strip club. Off Duflocka Rant 2 which you can download here.

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  • I tried to give this shit a shot. I really did… This guy is hot garbage. On top of that, this video is the equivalent of a fucking average rapper template:

    Shot of the projects? Check.
    Rented car? Check.
    Rented jewelry? Check.
    Skrippers? Check
    A lot of people from the hood acting hyped behind him who just want to be in a video? Check.

    Shit is wack.

  • The Facade

    Why is Flocka shooting a video in Queens? Fuck out of here with that garbage

    Agree with Dre Darko, nothing new or original about this, I won’t remember it exists tomorrow

  • atown don

    Waka Flock the C List Rapper!! LOL (U can sign with CTE now)

  • JOHNYblaze

    Shit I thought this was HARD! The premise reminds me of some late 1990’s shit with a southern modern twist. Subliminal disses at whoevers hot right now (golds which everyone re-rocking) shit like that.

    As the days go by I do get why people are so critical of rap fans, its cause we criticize this shit OD! Me also being guilty at time…..

  • leti


  • This record is pretty good, I give it an 8 out of 10!

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  • still best rite now!!

    NY got some busted bitches…yall must date out of towners?

  • epmd1017

    flockas from queens moron and this shit is hard them chains aint rented frenchie be in long island all the time out rocking that bricksquad piece. this shit is hard and so is flockas mixtapes eat a glass sandwich or go listen 2 charles hamiltion faggot

  • really 23

    VLAD outthere lookin’ like somebody

  • LOL @epmd1017 Is he your man? Why are you so pissed? If you don’t know mad rappers either rent their jewelry or their shit is 75% bogus, you must be delusional. Delusional and a fan of average music. I guess selling an image works on some people.

    On a side note… what the fuck does ‘go hard’ tell me about why anyone’s music is good? 10-year-olds can explain themselves better.

  • zone 6

    Its funny how all dese years he been talkin bout slick pulla but wen slick response this bitch nigga move to ny. Haha fake niggas