Menace II Society Reunites On RapFix

The cinematic classic, Menace II Society celebrated it’s 20th anniversary this week. Tyrin Turner (Caine) was invited yesterday to MTV’s RapFix Live while his co-star Larenze Tate (O-Dog) checked in via Skype to reflect on the film’s impact.

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  • Carlosthe5th

    Cinematic Classic??? This was just a bunch of niggers doing nigger shit. It did have a great impact on the culture but it was not a cinematic classic. Just a movie about how black people do stupid shit.

  • Rozay

    Where is faggot ass Chauncey? sadly he has put in the most work in the last 20 years

  • I remember going to see Menace and being scared like “Is this my future”?I would go see a sequel if they made it today
    Loch Ft. @DJDooWop “Spaz Out” (official Music Video):

  • B.Dot

    you’re crazy

  • Yeaaahhh

    Classic Film..

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    For some reason I dont like this movie. I remember in middle School classmates use to talk about this movie like crazy.

  • @Reality 1st of all this is a Blog I’m entitled to say wtf I want family.

    2nd of all yall be dicking mad tranny type ass niggas

    for example Eric B , Rick Ross was with MTV with Sway, yall didn’t post that up, But yall posted up Mister Cee’s Homo Affairs not saying he is gay ,# Justsaying

    3rd I can Make my own wordpress if i wanted too fam this shit is not hard, to get mega traffic or whatever I Know people just like any of this moderators on this site, I can make Rapradar look small if I wanted too family, I love rapradar since the Launch But recentlly alot of wack Post , wack rappers, Like This hip hop shit that Common said was a female now is looking Like a Tranny , and yall go along with the “Rap Agenda” Creating More Slaved minded People in the inner city areas, instead of Exposing the Youth to Conscious awareness . Seems YN Sold his Soul too

  • How Wonderful…

    Menace came out durinig the flux of “hood” movies(South Central, Strapped etc). Menace was 93 and that was the same year hardcore shootem up murder death kill violence was highly prevalent in hiphop culture. It was cool to watch back then, but if you watch the film now its just lame. Its not a cinematic classic because there isnt much substance to the film. The highlight of the film is when you hear “Streight up Menace” as the credits role….thats my favorite part at least.

  • donde eres

    the movie is like one long ass music video

  • mike

    “these muthafuckas smoked your goddamn cousin in front of you and you ain’t gonna do shit?!?” -O-Dog

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