• “Smoke-A-Lot”

    Pretty good

  • Kush

    ^seems like nobody wants to be jeezy as bad as you lmao. Gibbs is way better than jeezy in my opinion.

  • Jon

    I MISS THE TM101 jeezy.

  • Facts

    One can only imagine how the RR staff is pissed off when posting some Jeezy

    But they do well by compensating each Jeezy post by 15 Officer Ricky posts

    mac DIESEL > Brian and the old guy

    Dope EP, the last song on it goes hard

  • Jon

    @KUSH umm freddie gibbs can’t outsell jeezy at all.

  • How Wonderful…

    wasnt this the name of his last mixtape?..is recycling your mixtape titles the new upcoming trend?

  • Jon

    Lol b.dot a mmg fan

  • The Wise

    Jeezy changed up his whole delievery an has never been the same!..i know he went thru throat problems with the raspy shit but he lost me with the flows aswell…r.i.p was trashh worst jeezy single to ever drop

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    MMG groupies arent happy when Jeezy post pop up. I never seen a group of dudes so bitter. Go listen to French “Excuse my FLOP” Its The World !!!

  • jeezy fell off

    damn…this nigga song titles all seem basic…2 words…and peep the title of the mixtape…..the same title as the last one without the hashtag…jeezy like 37…step ur game up and act like a grown man…growing a beard dont make you one…and stop getting choked out by former CO’s…

  • jeezy fell off

    if you just read the titles of the song you would think the cd was made by a teenager…jeezy ur too old for this basic shyt…step ur game up and stop taking “L’s”…

  • Milli

    jeezy fallin of hard

  • blow

    gucci/bricksquad better than jeezy/cte and tip/hustlegang

  • Sgt.Pepper

    Jeezy always sound tight..his voice & cadence kill everytime.

    fuck all that other noise.

    Freddie Gibbs is tight, whatever happened with CTE is no concern of mine.

    BUT Gibbs was the tightest on CTE next to Jeezy.

  • kush

    @Jon who said anything about sales? I’m talking about rapping and the musical product. Gibbs presence in the industry can’t compare to jeezy’s, a lot of that is because of jeezy’s longevity and time in the game and commercial demeanor lol. Of course Gibbs is the underdog in terms of sales.

  • Jeezy gearing up because he knows Gibbs is about to kill shit

  • kush

    Jeezy has a lot of street classics under his belt, often with featuring artists, but his latest singles have been OK at best. Im sure he has better non-single songs. Creativity is really lacking lately too though. Gibbs music seemed refreshing and lyrical and hungry and it has good smooth beats and his flow is up there.

  • Clos1881

    Lol y’all niggas act like y’all in gangs mmg vs cte lol I like them both and both put out great music I think Ross is better and he’s a better CEO but I can’t argue with anyone who thinks jeezy is better because he in the class

  • LardASS

    jeezy goin in

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”I think Ross is better and he’s a better CEO.”

  • Facts

    yooo @ Clos1881

    you obviously did a little typo

    I assume you mean CO instead of CEO

  • Marko-V

    I remember the days when D.J.s would play nearly all of TM 101 in the club and each song felt like a new experience no matter how many times you heard it. Nowadays I think he has been in the game so long that he’s become more of a businessman in the booth cuz each song sounds calculated. This tends to happen to artists the longer they’ve been around and normally takes some serious sitution to happen in their life before they get back to making music that made them great in the first place.


  • dll32

    1/4 all tracks are whack

  • Clos1881

    @facts @zoom meek mill wale Ross j dawg slick pulla Freddie Gibbs ect

  • Next2No1

    If yall stop posting like gossiping women and listen to the music you would realize this ain’t bad.

  • Foreign luccini

    *quit cheerleading* rozay this jeezy that. Yaw niggas act like you bleed at the end of the month!!! If your over 25, just listen to the music quit stannen!!!

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  • coolc

    Yall niggas so slow this is just Jeezy putting his Lil homies out for showcase just a Lil but and its titled it’s the world cause it’s just a sample of what the new cte is…. Crazy its always alot of niggas hating on here

  • @KingofTeez (twitter)

    those doughboy niggas pretty dope… i like it.. tired of the soft dance music.. glad jeezy bringing that street shit back

  • Rozay

    Detroit stand the fuck up….. doughboyz cashout in this bitch

  • dezzy

    jezzy could gaf less bout wat yall talkn idiots he sells out every time around and get hip to dbc cock suckers #detroitstandup