New Music: DJ Drama Ft. Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Juicy J “4 What”


Holy epilepsy! With Drumma Boy on the beat, DJ Drama’s bringing his quality street music to the club alongside Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, and Juicy J. According to Dram, this actually the first time Gotti and Juicy have been on the same track together. Tennessee blues.

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  • Gambino



    faggot gibbs
    wanksta gibbs
    fraud gibbs


  • The Wise

    Its offically fuck jeezy for now he better come correct with this new album if not i aint supportin shit he puts out! Once i seen forfor what..i thought plz good dont let be an already played out phrase” turn down for what” an by lord all might he starts say exactly what i didnt hope he was gonna…jeezy fuckin lost it as far as im concerned….hate ross if u want be hes done nothin but progress since come out as for jeezy…his time came an is now loosing it since last album

  • Facts

    First time that Gotti & Juicy on a track together? What dumbass writes these posts? Goddamn. Just cause y’all don’t know shit about music excpect for your NY shit doesn’t mean you got the right to spread incorrect bullshit

  • Ucdacl

    This is not the first time they been on da same track… They got a joint on Don Trip’s help on da way mix tape where they both spittin….

  • The Facade

    Not bad, will get some play in the strip clubs…

    Could do without Yo Gotti’s garbage excuse for a verse

    I never understand, when you’re getting on a song with someone who gets more exposure why wouldn’t you go extra hard for the expanded audience? You have to be a lazy piece of shit to submit a throwaway verse like this for a Jeezy and Juicy J song

  • Shny

    I wonder if Future/ Juicy J coined the phrase “Turn up “

  • what the what

    @bdot. Check Don Trip “This Is The Life”. Kinda hard to talking about fact checking when you didn’t. Ha!

  • King Hoover

    im not even gonna press play

  • StarFox64

    drama should turn into a house dj already..

  • Um

    B.Dot didn’t say it Drama did he was just reporting what he said.

  • koa29

    Let’s hope Weezy doesn’t see this post.

  • Rozay

    @ Um I was about to say the same thing….reading is fundamental, other than the epileptic seizure the track is tough.

  • Likeshawndavid

    “What Up Three Six… Know you dont like me (Well Fuck Ya!)” – Gotti

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  • DoinTooMuch

    Am I the only one who actually clicked on the song??? smh yall niggas gossip too much. The song is tough if you actually…you know……. click play.

  • poetic assasin

    @ the facade — 100 percent agreed… shit was dry as hell, brought down the whole vibe of the song – was rocking to Jeezy’s part then Gotti ruined the whole thing lolol —

  • jeezy

    Its Jeezy’s summmer..Turn down you hoe ass niggaas!

  • Ross CMR

    Juicy kills it! hope to hear him play this tomorrow at his show at the
    Roseland theater in Portland!

  • DoinTooMuch

    @Jeezy Um….. Kanye, J Cole, Wale, Mac Miller, and Fab all droppin this summer. Trust me it ain’t Jeezy summer this year. lol

  • Syko

    Check dat boy boy syko out dude piff

  • Syko

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  • Syko

    Game get at me homie link up