• Hol’Up

    But not sure if it’s gon be on the album.
    Maybe Truely Yours 3 is on the way…

  • M.T

    FIREEEE! Cole dropping that heat. Born Sinner will be a problem.

  • Pridd

    1st 48 Cole………u Bodied that ((FlatLine))

  • H2Q


  • lone wolf

    All I wanted to say is fuck b.dot and.his awful taste in music period…..WTF IS A MACKLEMORE

  • H2Q

    Enjoyin the Biggie homages.

  • KD

    Murked it!!

  • Despite

    Oh my this is good. Dat production. Dem bars.

  • Skinny

    Damn Cole just damn

  • The5King

    Yo Yeezus, Mac Where You At, Cause This God Level

  • Leon Sandcastle

    Flames!! Born Sinner in just a couple more weeks. Yeezy and Mac better push back. Ha

  • mac DIESEL



  • LoverOfHipHop

    fire!!! Nothing else needs to be said, dopeness.

  • The great

    I hope Kanye know’s.

  • Jax

    I’m loving Cole’s production on this. He needs to release instrumentals for this one and Power Trip.

  • vito maserati

    this shits hot!!! buy some beats http://www.myflashstore.net/widgets/html5/34267

  • dmc

    So dope

  • That Guy

    @lone wolf wtf is a macklemore
    Ask the 8 million people that bought his records.

  • bornsinner

    He’s that thorough, plus he knows his own flow is Foolish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Join us or be on the wrong side of history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JUNE 18TH

  • kawsu d

    lord have mercy, this is flames on flames on crack on fire

  • Nat king Cole

    My ears need methadone now.

  • Real rap and he killed the flow too. I hope Meek Mill is taking notes yellingassnigga

  • The Facade

    Sounds good on first listen, just like most J Cole songs do to me.

    After a few listens I can see this boring the shit out of me…..just like most J Cole songs.

  • lone wolf

    @ the guy on

    That doesnt mean shit. The song is garbage and no 1 checking for his lyrics, the sold cause of the hook and beat…..awful lyrics and no type of flow

  • rahrahrah

    Ain’t saying nothing. The visuals are mediocre. He’s talking about a generic come-up.

  • smfh

    recycling peoples flow (asap rocky j cole jay z etc) means you are “original” only niggas that are original suck except kdot damn i miss the golden era of hip hop when not everyone could be a “rapper” you had to have the skills and “biting” was not allowed smfh

  • Sonny


  • ECU

    Cole with his surprises.

    BORN SINNER JUNE 18th. wish Kanye would give us some shit

  • rahrahrah

    Had to go and listen to “take it in blood”. I think a lot of these cats don’t know how to dance, I mean physically dance. There is nothing grooving or funky about these soundscapes.

  • JustMyOpinion

    That Guy says:
    Thursday, May 30 2013 at 10:22 PM EST
    @lone wolf wtf is a macklemore
    Ask the 8 million people that bought his records.

    ^ You DO realize “8 million people” didn’t actually buy “his records” right? You DO realize a single can be bought MULTIPLE times, right? You do realize its the singles going platinum PLUS and NOT the actual album, right?

  • JustMyOpinion

    This is a good single. Think I will be purchasing J. Cole album on June 18th (1st album didn’t impress me).

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  • Black Shady

    Told yall my nigga is serious this time around


  • chan

    Dope! doesnt sound like a album son because of the structure maybe like a interlude or just a freestyle but is dope

  • the brain trust

    The5King says:

    Yo Yeezus, Mac Where You At, Cause This God Level


    Yo Hip Hop, I don’t know if you know this, but Cole comin’ for your fucking neck!

    This shit is so fire goddamn.

  • STRAIT FIRE!!!!!

  • R3AL

    If I could comment a thousand times, I would let “these niggaz know” how crazy this song is.#BornSinner

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    This kid is dope, he’s nice, wisdom beyond his age, however in order to get that crown he has to change his style, but keep the same substance. Or maybe change the beat, you know something that would sound good in a club, in a stadium and on tv. Then a lot of these other rappers will shake in their boots!

  • Jinx

    Cole its Your Time Properly no sideline story bullshit


  • djrobdice

    Cole bout to make that sophomore slump his bitch

  • fan of good music

    Same ol boring j cole dude brings Nothin new 2 the game

  • Jinx


    1990-2000 GOLDEN ERA

  • K.dot

    @fan of good music shut the hell, you don’t know want good music is. I like J. Cole other music way better than this song but “NIGGAZ KNOW” is better than a lot of the music they play on the radio right now.

  • yeemjay

    yall bitches some dick riders lol I fucks with that bit but yall foos tweak on these blogs stupit bit

  • Respect

    Cole Summer!, who heard that Kendrick ad-lib, that joint album coming right after Cole drop

  • asmodeus ashmadi

    you know something i was listening to friday night lights than i listened to this and i don’t like this i don’t see a reason for this record or anything that really stands out he’s just rap pin about whatever and the beat aint shit compared to power trip and maine on fire i want cole to kill the game with this album but I’m expecting much better production and better subject and lyrics on born sinner. than the line about the cutting hair shit was whack! come on cole

  • King E

    Yeezus your are officially put on notice! This song is fire, and I really think june 18 will a battle between Cole and Ye, I really think Cole is gonna Edge him out though…

  • CarolinaGirl

    He just lettin’ yall know, like the song says. Damn i aint posted on here in years.

  • Donn

    I dig that ppl like competitiveness in HipHop but lets be real, your gonna support both Cole and Ye. Its for HipHop. And please don’t put Ye and Cole against each other. Cole has to have preorders and release buzz tracks and EP’s and Kanye is veteran and at this point and doesn’t have to put out a single, or even release anything. We know his resume and we know his album will be great. So will Cole’s.

    HipHop has had a great year this year. Stop with the side jumping. Support all great music

  • stedyb

    reminds me of HOV BARZ!!!!

  • ss

    I use to complain bout coles old flow, but damn man, looks like hes switchin it up and im happy.

  • yeaHOE

    1. You wack ass 90s kids gotta stop talking this “new golden era” shit. Just stop it.

    2. You people who actually believe that Born Sinner will be anywhere near as good as Yeezus are delusional and drunk off the Cole buzz, get a hold of yourself.

    3. This song is ok, I see why it’s a giveaway though.

  • TheConceptOfArtist

    1st off ..this cannot possibly be a single
    2ndly ..this track confirms that Born Sinner will not change the game, maybe push it forward lyrically but not change it
    3rd ..we were all expecting better from born sinner from the way he’s been passionate about goin up againgst ‘Ye,…come on Cole, this doesnt even compete with K.Dot..let alone Drizzy
    4th …this track is same ol COLE, ..whether u look at it in a bad or good way, this track just doesnt breakout musically

  • Jaymalls

    Crushed these little J. Cole geeks trolling w/ multiple alias on here! “Kanye has been put on notice…” Lmao… who says that? Its not even a competition… never will be until Cole drops at least 1 classic!

  • wahrheitsgetreu

    Damn, if this ain’t on the album, can you imagine the dope shiiit that we’re gonna get on June 18th? Wow!!!

  • ck

    man he be dropping too much good music. I mean Truly Yours 2 is on repeat…all of the songs could have been on the album. Just Hope Head Bussa or Kenny Lofton will be on the deluxe version…they deserve it.

  • incredible

  • jrak

    Dang!!Dang!Dang!!Dang!! Cole World!! June 18th!

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  • Facts

    Now this is Hip Hop
    Not that Kanye faggot pop shit

    Thanks to Cole

    Kanye groupies mad denabitch


    love the big quotes

  • SoloK

    J Cole 1
    Kanye 0

  • B

    Kanye knows.

  • H
  • TG

    That boy bad! Sheesh. I don’t see it as a single though but sheesh!

  • b.i.g

    nah…. just stop it….

    this is not worthy of an album cut…. some mixtape shit…. yeah

    shit ain’t no better than a regular freestyle…..


    yeah cole is winning. this is one of his best tracks ever, dude is getting much better lyrically

  • Word

    Man LET THESE NIGGAZ KNOW to stop commenting multiple times with different aliases we know its the same one or two ppl y’all not fooling nobody.

    LET THESE NIGGAZ KNOW that not every album is a game changer and its not whack just because it ain’t. He will sell and please his fans, period. Fuck “changing the game” whatever the hell that means.

    LET THESE NIGGAZ KNOW to shut the fuck up and enjoy the shit and stop psychoanalyzing the impact shit will have on society. Wrong rapper. Cole just does him and spit good tales for his fans.

    LET THESE NIGGAZ KNOW that born sinner will be a problem!

    Lastly, LET THESE NIGGAZ KNOW to take Ye dick out they mouths! He pay y’all?? Why are you tryna convince folks Ye album will be good? We know that. It don’t gotta be said. Y’all coming off real insecure, especially about a nigga that gives not a fuck in the world about a lot of you.


  • It’s the roc

    Nice remix @Word

  • NC OK

    He gotta chill w/ the damn singing. Every song he sings something. Crucial flaw, for me anyway

  • StarFox64

    ill say it again, if he releases this shit same day as kanye its pointless..

  • Fuck y’all bitching Cole is that nigga! Kanye is good but stop overrating the nigga!!

  • Rozay

    You dudes are hilarious…..chances are is that Cole will drop a nice album and so will Kanye, and as per usual most of you will either label them shits classic or find fault in them so just enjoy the music, about this song, it is decent, not great, that truly yours 2 EP was great… I wish them both the best but Kanye by shear way of his catalog and iconic figure he has become will have the greater sales…. Cole’s production has improved greatly from a few years ago until now he has taken a page from Kanye from 9-10 years ago but Kanye has experimented with different sounds since 2003 which puts him above Cole in the production department but I like J Coles bars a lot better than Kanye the singing hooks not so much leave that to Drizzy….This is how you be objective about an artist without going over board with your praise.

  • SupremeCee

    This song is average at best , hopefully it’s not on the album…

  • Papoose

    Cole with the banger

  • Cash Cow


  • You are easily impressed. Boring music IMO. You can have substance and still be live. And the whole biting fad is not a “nod” or showing respect to anything. It is still biting, and the opposite of original.

    New fans seem to think everything new presented to the masses by a well known rapper is classic. Its not. The only reason half of these rappers exist is because the legends died young, and it became acceptable to show weakness and ignorance instead of strength. But, this is a rap blog…and this is todays rap…

  • And Kanye is the most original artist out, I dont understand Cole thinking he is his rival. Confidence is cool, but its almost disrespectful considering what Kanye has been doing musically for so long. Unrealistic outlook. Black skinheads and New Slaves..you cant deny their impact, whether you like the songs or not. I dont think Cole’s releases measure up.

  • Cash Cow

    @Artoxication. Stop hating on other ppls thoughts. If you don’t like it that’s on you!!

  • King

    Bandwagon Kendrick stans getting butthurt…..its Cole World biatch

  • j

    alright…wasnt what expected with all the hype

  • Akuma

    Now watch Cole take Kanye’s spot

  • swizzy

    hmm… okay… this worldstar vid dope.. http://bit.ly/13oiw5j..

  • Peter Pan

    Hopefully j cole has an Em feature!!

  • Y’all serious??? J Cole is cool but this shit is wack

  • Showboat

    NC STAND THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!

  • creo

    Word is kanye went back 2the studio cuz of mix reviews of dat wack shit he drop. Cole might be coming out alone june 18.cnt wait born sinner i smell a new classic yall

  • wouzi

    this is fire!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NueSchool

    you fucking idiots over-analyzing this shit are the same ones who can’t let go of the 90s. Enjoy the music or log the fuck off and go do somethin w/ ya life. Dumbasses. #ColeWorld , its gon be a #ColeSummer too bitches. LETS GOOO. Can’t wait to see the Cole haters reach when this album drops, they’ll be slandering his album cover and the t-shirt he’s wearing in the videos but they know Cole aint to be fucked with.

  • watchthethrone

    the production on this album is going to be ridiculous

  • Cole That Nigga

  • Great lyrics.

  • worrrd!!





  • phuckyoopinion

    Lighg skin niggas harmonize on every track song was okay

  • Austin

    Lol ya’ll old asses and yeezy stans butt hurt. Both Albums gone be good just listen.

  • agrees with @stedyb definitely reminiscent of Hov

    www . konshens . com

  • Jerzzz

    Now who else wanna fuck with Hollywood Cole!
    This niggas a beast with bars.
    A true M.C. and its rare in this era of ignant frontin ass niggas

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  • POZE


  • lokiss



    Fire! wowww

  • biting

    get off biggies nuts

    funny how jay-z rapper does

  • joe

    Just so happens that ALL commercial rap is trash,, just a coincidence though .