• Jon

    Yo Big Homie how you feel about snoop venturing into pop rap ?

  • doads

    i remember when this disney bitch said she didn’t listen to any form of hip hop and never even heard of jay z, fast forward a couple of years and she’s now trying to be black… smh

    …and snoop fell off years ago, first katy perry and now miley cyrus FUCKIN’ SELLOUT!!!

  • The Facade

    Straight up….Miley sounded dope on this

    Won’t get play in the car but I’m not mad at this song at all

  • cordez broadus

    dad this sucks

  • Marko-V

    Shame how Snoop had to become someone else in order to create a message song. I hate how even our OGs stereotype themselves in Hip-Hop. And Miley Cyrus is no different than any other young white pop princess lookin for a sense of maturity and acceptance as a grown woman. They all use black culture to denounce their past and proclaim their growth. After her album drops and she pushes her image to the edge she’ll revert back to her more acceptable ways totally distancing herself from black culture that embraced her and helped her grow.


  • matrix

    Haters this joint is tough…Chuuch…

  • rahrahrah

    Don’t understand this video. Like the song though.

  • Muggsy B

    Real talk Marko

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  • naaah

    well, this made me stop hating miley cyrus so much…

    I have a new found respect for her.

    Other than that…. snoop should have never signed with No limit back in the day…

    Be honest with yourselvs…. its been downhill since then

  • l

    marko, its cause hip hop fans most of then dont understand their idioits thats y