• StarFox64

    lmfao wtf marilyn manson gucci a sick bastard…

  • pookie c note

    lol wtf

  • kareem


  • Sgt.Pepper

    best album cover of the year..

    recording with Marilyn Manson?

    this might be the case where insanity incites commerce. After all these years, even tho I cant understand this man at all, he might finally have my attention.

    Did I just say that? Cuz I hate his music…

  • Your Father


  • KwesiB

    TH3 was hard and everything he put out so far, I wanna hear this album I know it’s gonna be hard. In terms of creativity, beats and GuWops’ overall style.

  • Marko-V

    Gucci definitely is a creative madman. No one can deny this brotha’s work ethic and if youactually listen to his songs he has quite the flow. I wonder how effective his campaign would’ve been before you could give away all this material for free cuz alot of the stuff is more miss than hit.


  • Capricorn Religion

    I don’t fuck with his music but…..

    That cover tho….

    LMAO. Can’t lie, shit is dope

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”No one can deny this brotha’s work ethic”

  • Despite all the bullshit this nigga been doing. He is by far the most hardworking rapper in the game

  • Rozay

    I would be covering my nose too his 90 percent of his music stinks at least the joints he was doing 4-5 years ago were kinda hard….the beats he uses now are garbage, the only song I keep in my ipod of Gucci is who R U that shit is hard.


    gucci maine ft marlyin manson? smh no comment

  • Kamina

    Haha, Gucci Mane looking like Long Cat and shit : http://cache.ohinternet.com/images/5/5c/Longcat.jpg

  • B


  • SoloK

    J Cole 2
    Kanye 0
    Gucci Mane -100,000,000

  • ck

    why are y’all being so judgemental about him working with marylin manson? Em did. I’m jus sayin.

  • I didn’t see that Marilyn Manson shit coming!

  • Facts

    Gucci lost the long way

    Jeezy richer denabitch

    damn coochie that coulda been you if you wasnt retarded

  • County Of Kings

    that cover tho………. epic.
    still not listening to this shit by the way
    gucci dont get gassed (in my funkflex voice)

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  • TruthBeTold


    How duu fade into a waterfall like that ?

    dude im so fucking drunk

  • MAG

    gucci working but needs to change his content. he’s a very productive artist but his content stagnates him. if he really wants to become exalted, he’ll need to stop that toxic rap. BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • watch my move$



    DMX worked with Marilyn Manson too…… Song was HARD. Whats the problem, tho?

  • thafuck

    i love you fools that say this nigga spit that dope shit.

    shows how uneducated and fucking retarded you niggas are.

  • LoverOfHipHop

    Aint saying nothing about the music right now….but that artwork is dope!!

  • Anonymous fap master

    What is this fakerry ?

  • I Love Gooch and Ill always Buy His Albums, Trap House 3 Is Gold, and Its still getting spins , Shawty Los Verse On “Tell Em dat” Is The Reason Cocaine Prices Are Skyrocketing , Cant Wait For Guwop, Hopefully The CDQ Of “I Wonder” And “Choosin” Would Make The Cut

  • Brahsef

    Never bought anything from Gucci before, but I might buy this solely due to the cover.

  • joe

    Any site promoting this trash should be shut down.

  • cockasaurus nex


  • cockasaurus nex

    Point in my showed incredible growth for wop

  • cockasaurus nex

    Point in my life

  • cockasaurus nex

    Gotta girl from an island & she love her boo gotta notha girl love to sell my dope