J.Cole Dollar & A Dream Tour Dates

dollar tour

To help usher in Born Sinner, Jermaine’s hitting the road for 10 shows at secret locations across the U.S. No ticket purchase, but a $1 entry, first come first served. Can I borrow a dollar?

June 11 – Miami, FL
June 12 – Atlanta, GA
June 13 – Baltimore, MD
June 14 – Boston, MA
June 20 – Washington, D.C.
June 21 – Philadelphia, PA
June 23 – Chicago, IL
June 24 – Houston, TX
June 25 – Detroit, MI
June 26 – Toronto, ON

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    how will we know the location!!

  • Greg Cabral

    I want to know where is the location so I could see J. Cole perform in Boston Ma on June 14.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Yes ! June 11 – Miami, FL


    wonder where detroit will be at

  • itsMe

    What???? No NY show smh

  • JustMyOpinion

    We’re all thinking the same thing; how……?

  • troofa

    too many biggy references cole is really widing!!!!
    first it was born sinner now a dollar and a dream?
    borinnng! dude im done! seek your own creative spirit stop riding dick!!

  • Skinny

    No nyc

  • How Wonderful…

    he we go with the bullshit scavenger hunt nonsense. Where ever the venues are, half of the space will be for mainstream music bloggers, magazine people and record industry execs. Its crazy how hiphop fans support the culture yet get thrown scraps. Secret shows are corny. Everyone doesn’t caref or the element of surprise. And first come first serve is a bad idea. I remember when Nas performed in Central Park a few years back, it was almost shut down due to overcrowding and pushing. Sell Tickets, its safer for the public.

  • Jax

    I would have waited to do this after the album dropped. Some petty fan in a city not on the list is probably not gone buy the album just cause the tour’s not coming their way.

  • Young Lucky

    the nigga is giving you ungrateful fucks a fucking show FOR A BUCK!!! and yall nigga niggas STILL find a way to bitch moan and complain!! smh cant please you for shit

  • Kimean

    what Young Lucky said. you guys are horrible. Free show and you complain about it.

  • whatever

    @troofa He’s only been doing the dollar and a dream series of song’s now for what 4 years? Wake the fuck up

  • K-Elite

    Cole gone be in the d!!!

  • Jay

    this is mad crazy… one dollar for a show… in the chicago area tooo …. im there boi

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Young Lucky

    ^ HA word

  • A


  • Black Shady

    I hope theres a nation wide tour soon.


  • Toronto’s not in the U.S., Dumbass!

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  • TrueMusic

    For the BANDWAGON nigga !!! @troofa Nigga you sound so stupid! and So what if if he referencing B.I.G why do you care, can my nigga “PAYING HOMAGE”!??? Furthermore Its been a Dollar and a Dream since FOREVER he sold his mixtape for a dollar and had DaD 1 DaD 2 and DaD3 was on the album…. Last question IF you a Fan!!!! Why yall can use the creative minds God gave yall and search crap out lmbo!!! 6.18.13!!! Born Sinner

  • No bay area shows no love for the west coast

  • StarFox64

    how the fuck you not gonna have a secret show in new york?

  • J

    No show in Fayetteville, or even NC period sucks. Oh well, enjoy the shows everyone :/

  • DM

    @J I’m sitting in Durham thinking the same thing.

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  • Mj

    Ya ll need to fall back, when was the last time ya ll went to a concert for a buck?! Fall back! Why would he do a show in NC he is always in NC all the time if you follow him ya ll would no that! 2-6 stand up!

  • Troofas

    @truemusic f.y.i ur fave rapper cole is boring !
    We waiting for yeezus! Sucker !!keep sucking dick!

    • Harold Edmonds

      Lmbooooooooo dag bro mad much?…. Why post on a J.Cole post? I’m lost… either way is just music Bruh Ye ain’t dying for you and why are you always on the gay tip is that all that lives in the lost and looney mind of yours?

      Born Sinner 6.18.13!!!!! Oh and Bruh don’t down play Born Sinner… Go and support buy that album you won’t regret it lol

  • The Wise

    Seen cole open up for drake show last year an that shit was average nothing special period


    Don’t blame Cole for not performing in NY aka the Big Apple…Blame his team

  • The Wise

    Boston always gets more love over NY…FACT!!!

  • a yo

    @troofa hes paying homage and getting paid why be mad at that?

  • Nasislike

    @zoomzoomUncleTom stfu y ?? Just cause

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  • Reblogged this on rebelseason and commented:
    J. Cole puts a new meaning to Dollar and A Dream

  • Alvina Quadery

    HOWWW. WHERE?! Boston Ma.

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  • Can’t wait

    Hopefully getting in to one in Houston! hell yeah.