Rihanna Unapologetic Hits Platinum


Ri Ri continues to reign supreme. Following last week’s sales, her seventh album Unapologetic has earned her, her sixth platinum certification.

Currently at 27 weeks on the charts, the set has spawned four hit singles including “Stay”, which recently honored her as the artist with the most Billboard #1s in history with 11.


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  • Black Shady

    LOL love how people always laugh at her 1st week numbers, as if her albums never end up platinum

    shes on top hate it or love it

  • The Truth

    that Rihanna reign just won’t let up.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Congrats to Lil Tina Turner.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Meanwhile Excuse my French did 56k. Puffy is not a happy camper lol

  • Capricorn Religion

    So?…… Can we start the Rihanna vs Beyonce talks now, or, wait until Adele comes back and……


    What the fuck happen to Gaga?

  • pookie c note

    stop it son… riri would never be on beyonce level….. adele only has vocals…. beyonce got it all…. riri just got sex appeal… she barely can sing…

  • K.dot

    Rihanna can sing, she just sound better on ballads than dance songs

  • boooosa

    CONGRATZ!!! not many people in the industry (pop hiphip) reachin plat nowadays

  • Marko-V

    Beyonce is TIna Turner and Rihanna is Donna Summer. Study the styles and history of their music and you’ll see the similarities.


  • Rozay

    Six solo platinum plaques at 25 that is crazy….say what you want but she has the stat line to back it up.

  • Yeezus Christ

    everybody knows she really cant sing but she still has a nice voice and makes catchy hits, and she sexy as hell

  • Truth-Be-Told

    In what way is she an artist?. don’t you have to compose something and be creative in some way or another. all this person does is sing and she can barely do that even. with the budget she gets from her label you could make any bum on the street do what she does. lol get the top writers and producers to do all the work for you. like someone said before. if you were put her in a room with a pen and pad and with some music instruments, and tell her to come up with one of those hit songs that she is supposedly known for, she would have a fucking heart attack on the spot.

  • SoloK

    The fuck you talkin bout!? Anybody who’s anybody is reaching Platinum nowadays!

  • Kaly

    @Truth-Be-Told preach

  • Rozay

    bottom line is that she has done it, say what you will about her singing or lack there of, her sound is distinctive, when you hear her on a record you know it’s her, besides that there have been many stars who can’t sing doesn’t mean anything, look at Britney Spears for example, If they put you in the studio with the same budget do you think you would pop?

  • King E

    @Truth-Be-Told I could’ve said it better myself. #cosign

  • the brain trust

    I hate the inclination that because ‘all she does is sing’ she’s not an artist.

    Whitney Houston didn’t write her own shit & she’s an all time great artist.

    YES I KNOW, vocally, there’s no comparison between the two.

    But you see my point.

    Congrats to Rihanna though.

    Many other artists are put in the room with great writers never have careers.

  • My Baby!!

  • M.T

    how are niggas saying that Rihanna cant sing? she may not be on Whitney Houston or Beyonce’s level but that girl has an unique voice and can definitely sing.

  • Truth-Be-Told

    @Rozay with her budget i would snap crackle and pop all the way to the bank my friend. you’ed be amazed at what effects great producers can add to your voice to have it sounding official. lets take a good look at your example Britney Spears, how is it that she sounds 10 times better on a record then she does live? its the same thing with Rihanna. Whiteny had something Rihanna doesn’t possess, and thats a sincere presence on a mic. she might not have wrote her own songs but she could make you feel every emotion in a song she sang. to be able to do that with just the power of your voice is art.

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  • Rozay

    @Truth-Be-Told doesn’t really matter life isn’t fair, she is doing what she is supposed to do which is take advantage of her opportunity, wouldn’t you? she is a package not just singer, you have to remember talent is great but sheer talent alone doesn’t take you very far you have to have some type of intangibles, slaughterhouse is talented as fuck but they are not marketable, a lot of times it’s luck and being in the right place at the right time, the Jay-Z co-sign doesn’t help i’m sure…. but it is what it is, any way you slice it to have 6 platinum plaques by the age of 25 is impressive however you look at it, you may not think she can sing like a lot of people may not but she is on her way to becoming a legend like it or not, she has hall of fame numbers now truth be told, not many people outside of michael Jackson can do what she has done by the age of 25, think about this stat for a minute, out of all Jay-Z’s accomplishments musically he didn’t drop reasonable doubt until he was 26 years old, and he still has the most number 1 solo albums by any artist, Rhianna is 25 and already has 6 platinum plaques, case closed.

  • Rozay

    Jay Z co sign doesn’t hur tI meant to say

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    That’s crazy man. Ri-Ri-still on top with her best selling albums,

  • creo

    Cnt we just be happy for the sister.fuck beyonce she dnt want no other female 2shine.she dnt write or produce either. My girl riri is hood wit it. Riri will take a pic wit u in the street.beyonce wont even chuck the deuce at u.niggaz get caught up n money,fame,beauty like these punk ass bitches.

  • creo

    On top of dat beyonce brainwashing our women.when she say pay my bills we got 2 pay the bills.2the left niggaz getting put out by the bitches.put a ring on it all the hoes want 2get married.when she tell the women 2suck a dick or cook or hold they man down when he the pen then we could say gd job beyonce.
    Other then dat stop dreaming hov n dat pussy

  • Shamba Menelek

    @ Truth be Told.. First Im not in here defending nobody but..

    First, How can yall say she cant sing? She has a limited dynamic range. She’s not Whitney but saying she can sing is preposterous! It hints at hate more than a criticism.

    Second. I will agree Her producers and Her writes deserve credit. You always loose points me with me If u dont write your shit. Singer or whatever. Writing is Key to your artistry in my book.

    Third. Although she doesnt write her shit most I would counter ; neither does Beyonce, nor did Whitney as great as she was too. Infact most singers dont write they shit or produce their beats.
    So the question is how come everybodys not as successful as Rihiana or Beyonce ????

    Fourth, My last point is simply I think your overlooking, that Although, I dont know this as a fact, but it is, more than likely, Rihiana, If she doesnt write the songs or make the beats, she at least picks them and has a strong sense as what direction she wants to go on her albums and what type of music she wants to sing on, and lastly what type of Artist she wants to be.

    That cant be overlooked.

  • Shamba Menelek

    Dam the typos >> LOL

  • Kortnee

    In her documentary on Netflix the people on there basically said without saying she didn’t have vocals BUT she had the sex appeal. I’m just stating facts people.