New EP: The-Dream Climax


Back with more music for fans, Terius releases a four-track extended play featuring two previously released records and two new joints. Don’t forget, IV Play in stores now.


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  • TrippyMane

    i gotta dope bitchccch!

  • Da Truthhhh

    Dope Bitch is Dope

  • Da Truthhhh

    Roc is Dope somebody from Roc Nation need to be on that

  • Da Truthhhh

    fuck yall

  • H
  • Space Ghost

    Def Jam has dropped the ball big time with The Dream’s album. The fact that he only sold 21k the first week is Def Jam’s fault for not properly promoting and making the masses aware of his release. The Dream rocked the shit out of the album. It has great replay value and has a classic r&b sound. I hope he leaves Def Jam and signs to ROC Nation ASAP. He deserves that exposure that artists that he writes and produces for receives i.e Rihanna, Beyonce, etc.

  • Space Ghost

    BTW….Yes, I PAID for his album.

  • tron

    Yo spaceghost!!!!!! I didnt even bother to listen to it but Ima check it out now.. I havent heard anyone saying anything about it yet so i figured it was weak..

  • The Wise

    Dont listen to that fool! Theres a reason this is his lowest sellin album cuz its weak! Single have not been good an this album does not compare to any an i mean ANY of his prior releases! Period! All the feature dont sit well on any track and feel out of place on this album only decent song is the joint with the fab joint an like i said thats decent there was nothing that will really last as far as substance ..srry to say an im a dream fan but there not lasting appeal here! Nothing strong about this album

  • The Wise

    An i dont mean this ep im talkin 4 play

  • the brain trust

    Cosign @ The Wise

    it definitely doesn’t compare to his 1st two albums (which are classics in my opinion) or the rightfully acclaimed 1977.

    Couple that with The Dream’s arrogance & abrasive personality & he deserves his low sales. lol

  • Click My Name I dare You

  • These Niggas is Strict now

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  • the EP is dope… the album is STRAIGHT DOPE.

  • this is actually very good.

  • Facts

    Album did not sell simply because it is trash

    He should have stopped making music when he said he would


  • Bran

    @Spaceghost……21k was first week expectations. Not actual sales. It hasn’t been out for a full week yet. Wtf….False shit

  • This album!

    Like 3/4 of the tracks. I don’t know what everybody else is talking about, but IVPLAY is actually AMAZING. From the title track. To “Equestrian” which is my album Fave! Its like the male version to ciaras ‘ride’ with a heavy old school vibe…..”Pussy” is Dope AF with Dope verses from Pusha and Big Sean. “Psycho” on the Deluxe edition is phenomenal with phenomenal production. MICHAEL IS SO G! “THIS AINT A LOVE SONG…iNEED 2 FUCK U” lol……Holy Love, & Divine are some real raw ass ballads! This album (Deluxe version) needs to be listened to from start to finish. I MESSED around and listened to these bogus reviews and when I listened to the album was totally blown away and impressed. Thoroughly give IVPLAY a listen.

  • bumpy johnson

    cosign dream made some bad decisions on this album he cud have least put ak 47 , pieces and tendencies on 4play …… cause some of the tracks on 4play was real wack ………

  • STFU

    Stop using ‘dope’ as an adjective… You weak fucks.

  • Observer21

    His album will be very underrated he is a very talented writer and singer..

    Everybody can’t do this R&B shit but he’s a legend is his own reign hate it or love!

  • ho music

  • Foreign luccini

    *yawn* stick to producing haha!!! U bic Mac face ass nigga