• BG

    That was the worst interview ever.


    the summer belongs to cte

  • Dro

    Is he on something? Like seriously i have never seen him do a good understandable interview

  • This is confirmation that Yeezus will be Ye’s hottest album yet

  • rahrahrah

    it’s part of the strategy, keep him intriguing and incoherent.

    Imagine if he spoke in complete sentences, the rapping would seem like caricature.

    What you have is a guy who never looks sober, doesn’t give a fidduck, and we all watch to see how long til he crashes and burns.

    Destruction sold as entertainment. More american than apple pie.

  • kallywood

    mrgeorgehenry says:
    Sunday, June 02 2013 at 2:18 PM EST
    This is confirmation that Yeezus will be Ye’s hottest album yet


    DEAD @ a chief keef feature meaning this will surpass

    college dropout
    late registration
    dark fantasy

    …riiiiiiight. people love to get caught up in hype.

  • K.dot

    I’m not getting Yeezus no more, I just buying Born Sinner. I do not want to hear Chief Keef SHORT YELLOW SCHOOL BUS FLOWING NURSERY RHYMING ASS on Yeezus

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Ye is tryin to hard to stay young SMH,btw keef is dope haters。

  • LOL

    Cheif Keef is still ass, regardless who he works with

  • Chief Keef, SMH!!

  • B

    yeezy taugh you well, I ought to thank that nigga

  • Obama

    Everybody wants to hate.. But I just copped a set of these Keef Beats by Dre and they’re really dope.. They actually just took a regular pair, filled the earphones with mud, jello, rocks and blunt guts.. So now when you listen to music through them you can’t tell what the fuck anyone is saying.. Brilliant really.. This is the future of music.. Clearly…

  • Realtalk

    I hate Ye for blowing this guy up, one of the wackiest rappers out there today

  • MATE

    Chief Keef sucks….this year will belong to Eminem….Guaranteed

  • AP

    Have to admit I’m worried about this album, both Cole and Macs looking better bets for June 18

  • anzorforever

    dat’s @b.dot fave rapper right there lol

  • H
  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ do LESS rapping and MORE blogging.

  • Donn

    Judging an album u never heard yet. U know how many ppl say they we’re on Kanye’s albums and they just do adlibs. Remember Game having one line on Crack Music. U guys do the most on these blogs

  • illmatic-m

    Chief on Yeezus!!! Definite cop! 10 copies! for me can’t wait!

  • have to agree with you, BG.

  • blow

    all i see is a bunch of niggas on here hating on a 17 year old millionaire. i’m willing to bet all yall hating ass niggas who posted something is over 25 years of age and still stuck in the late 80’s-90s. i guess if this nigga put biggie vocals on a song and add jay z as a feature this would be the best album of the decade FOH. you old ass niggas fail to understand that chief keef is a young nigga who makes music for YOUNG NIGGAS. its a new day in age. not everyone wants to hear hard to comprehend lyrics.

  • j

    ^^ stfu young nigga

  • djrobdice

    How can you say Kanye Cd is gonna be trash all you heard was the lyrics from two songs…

  • boooosa

    Whats wrong with this dude its like he is shy all the time

  • Wo

    You can tell he’s not a total fukin idiot…

  • ilexx

    Chief Keef on a Kanye album….. Ye already gonna lose points for that. No real hip hop head wants to hear that shit.

    And for the dumb dude who said that not everybody wants to hear “hard to comprehend lyrics” it just goes to show your level of intelligence… Whose lyrics are hard to comprehend? Are u that stupid that you can’t understand some lyrics?

    Thought provoking rap lyrics are what made hiphop culture exciting in the first place. Chief Keef has zero substance in his music but that’s not what makes it so bad, its the fact that the dude can’t even rap, no flow, no lyrics… That makes for bullshit throw away music.

    Chief Keef will not add anything of value to Kanye’s album, remember I said that.

  • JOHNYblaze

    I cosign with the comments rahrah said about its all entertainment, but basically he STARTED with a crazy semi cult internet hype independently that was taking over right before DONT LIKE took off.

    He then got SIGNED by interscope for like 6 million, I guess they seen his vids on utube getting 300,000 views a pop, so hes just living his life, cant hate basically, dude got on, took the $$$$ and ran with it, just sit back watch and enjoy the show.

    PS this interview either shows hes on a buncha shit (jaw twerking) or his auspergers.

  • LP1031

    ” I swear to god he nervous ” YEAAAAAAUUGGHHH !!!!!

  • still best rite now!!

    Cant wait to hear what they cooked up

  • yoyoyoyoyo

    i hope kanye west got something outta him and not just let him do him and put on some lazy track hope they put in work on their track

  • blow

    @ j & @ilexx

    both off you niggas strive for old shit like wu-tang, nas, jay-z, hell maybe one of you niggas rather hear kurtis blow, krs one, run dmc. thats real hip hop right? those the glory days huhhh? stfu im tired of you old fucks. none of them niggas is appealing to the younger generation. they time been up. its a new generation a new sound a new vibe.


  • DoinTooMuch

    SMH Just cause Kanye workin with this nigga don’t mean his music still doesn’t suck. Ye lost points for this one to me.

  • Stone

    Hate His Music Or Not… A Lot Of People Are Employed Because Of Him…. And He Is A Teenager…. What Have You Done Lately…..??

  • Leon Sandcastle

    Hopefully, it’s just ad libs or a hook and not a verse. Cause dude is ass

  • yeaHOE

    This new generation ain’t shit, if you were born in the 90s chances are your whole way of thinking is fucked. I’m not saying 80s babies are much better but damn. Between rap music and the Internet Generation Y never stood a chance.



  • StarFox64

    lololol ebro and papoose arguing about ebro not giving ny rappers a shot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsUu8531OGU just so yall understand that him “crashing” the summer jam stage is as planned as anything else in hip hop..french is a shitty performer anyway..they had to cut him short

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  • BKLYN44

    so funny how dudes diss the older generation saying how they dont speak to the young heads..Meanwhile these new cats cant even speak!GTFOH!Us old heads are tired of you illiterate non book reading ignorant motherfuckers….Read a fucking book and learn how to speak never mind spit!Eat a DICK!

  • blow

    80s babies were known as the crack babies and i be damn if i listen to a damn 80s crack baby

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  • Jays

    They both from the chi he showing love. Yae know what he doing.

  • Chicago’s Westside

    Chief Keef young and from Chicago yall can’t understand that cause u ain’t from the same place like me Yeezy and him and yes Keef is really bout that life!!

  • Cha

    Yea he was hot but he was local. He never got radio play on new york radio, he got to do interviews wit brfakeast club and he performed don’t like the other day wit jada came on stage to do his verse. So he is being a stupid lil piece of shit, he was local, kanye came and hooked it up wit pusha, kiss, kanye, aka radio hit makers. He got national buzz. But if u read thesmokinsection article on him last yr u not surprised by this. He is your typical ignorant and proud of his ignorance type of kid, his whole claim to fame is that he got into wit cops and got arrested. So kids in the hood respected his ignorance and now everybody ignorant, next thing u have a 12yr old rappin talkin reckless bout guns drugs n bitches. This is the new waka flocka breed of kids and they think they deserve to be famous and stupid, a lawyer and accountants wet dream alot of money no smarts at all, they gonna make some white ppl rich.