Hot 97 Explains Papoose At Summer Jam

You can always expect the unexpected at Summer Jam. Papoose proved this last night when he hit the stage for an impromptu performance. This morning, Hot 97’s morning drive explained how Pap made it to the main event. Apparently, he exhausted the remaining time from Kendrick Lamar’s set. Ebro aintevenknowit.

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  • rahrahrah

    Papoose video for “Get at Me”

  • a comment

    Now explain the banning of RiFF RAFF cunts.

  • rahrahrah

    “You a dead-beat shooter..ain’t man enough to raise your ratchet” Hah!

  • jay


  • The Facade

    How does Papoose not realize no one wants to hear his music? Does he really think people at Summer Jam wanted to see him after Kendrick Lamar?

  • KingTut

    That new Papoose track sounds dope. You can see it on their faces. They can’t even hate on it.

  • rahiemshabazz


  • tucq

    I like this story cuz it shows a brotha returning a favor to another brotha. For Papoose it was like havin an ace hidden under the table, and when he needed it he pulled it out

  • TDK

    That new papoose joint goes hard though

  • Tbones

    Somebody know if Ebro was the PD when Nas trashed Hot 97 for tryna censor his summer jam performance?


    Hot 97 planned this shit, this helped papoosed and it help hot 97. This is going to make more people look up Pap music and give hot 97 morning crew ratings because they could have handle all this behind close doors but Ebro wanted to do it live on the radio.

  • c dot

    Oh.. so thats who that was? I was wondering who was behind that 45 second commercial break .

  • jay

    I hate HOT97. They just looking for publicity. How do you run out of time for your big acts. Wack move !

  • son

    Nigga Papoose ruined summer jam

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  • Crewz Control

    Pap is a fuckin’ Troll … lol

  • Crewz Control

    I hate this guy …

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  • IM730

    I cant be the only one that thinks this nigga DweeBro is a clown… dude is annoying.. Why handle this business on air if you didnt know? and you can tell this nigga is starving for attention since the breakfast club beef he been tryin to be all up in the cameras..