• mac DIESEL


    ………THAT IS ALL!!!!


  • He did a solid set!!!!

  • @VaCapri

    I ain’t gonna lie, I was looking for Jay to come out and murk that “Don’t Kill My Vibe” verse. Still, Kendrick did his thing for sure! Shit was live as fuck when ScHoolBoy Q did that “Yay Yay” shit!! Then of course Papoose “Lil Mama’d” the stage and killed the vibe lmao

  • Black Shady

    K.dot is in the elite part of hip hop (or clearly on his way there). just wow

  • jay

    Kendrick is trash just like that joke of a album

  • Reef

    I think Jay-Z would’ve came out if it didn’t start raining. Drake was suppose to be there too but he didn’t show up.

  • spawn

    Kendrick was there ?? :oo

    holy shit, first time they have a GREAT and amazing artist in the line up

  • set

    Kendrick elite?? lmfao overall he overrated af B

  • booby boi

    ^TRRUU waayyy too many people on his jock

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