Lil’ Kim, Pusha T & Meek Mill Join Fabolous At Summer Jam

Fab too had a few guests up his sleeve last night. During his slot, Meek Mill returned to the stage for “Racked Up Shawty” while Pusha assisted him for “Life Is So Exciting”. Saving the best for last, Kimberly then emerged on the stage for “Queen Bitch”.

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    Fab’s set was garbage no A list guests…..Surprisingly Meek Mill screaming ass got the reception that he did…even though I’m a boss is 10 years old when that shit came on the crowd got hype. poor Wu-tang…them niggas are legends and the crowd wasn’t even feeling them.

  • Nickey Black

    @telling truth, Hip Hop just doesn’t have that great excitement anymore. Maybe it’s the new artist, the music, the crowd?

    But I came up on great acts. These days…..idk

    Kendrick was cool

    Fab set seemed alright

    I gotta watch Wu Tang. Honestly, I was always a Meth fan then a loyal Wu fan.

  • Foreign luccini

    *fabos a legend* the boy got hits just not the proper management team!!!

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