New Music: J.Cole x TLC “Crooked Smile”

crooked smile-cover

Jermaine debuted this last fall in Hollywood. But now, here’s the complete version featuring T-Boz and Chilli. Here’s something to smile about: Born Sinner drops June 18th.

Sidebar: Cole Talks “Crooked Smile” With FUSE


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  • Faded

    this guy is amazing

  • Facts


    Kanye lost



  • Austin

    cole wrold.

  • Milli

    still haven’t figured out what is so amazing about this guy…songs are average.

  • On some PAC shit.

    Fire the cole album is going to be nice.

  • Jav

    haha awesome concept..awesome song! Born Sinner baby.

  • Da Business


  • ddave

    Every woman needs to hear this. So so true. Dude was so true about skin color playing a role in today’s times. Media’s too favored for White men being worshiped as false gods.

  • abubu

    can’t wait for the album

  • achick

    YASSS! hahaha my dude be winning

  • TG


  • weedhead

    Love this.. real music. Feels like the 90s eeehehe

  • j. cole just made them old hoes relavent again. i see a left eye hologram in the near future.

  • DOPE


  • ck

    starting to think we were’nt wrong about thinking he’s something else. That 09-10 feeling about him is coming back !

  • NYC

    Not bad. Not bad at all.

  • real

    this could be that hit that will make him a worldstar…

  • Skinny

    Let the choir sing…

  • Capricorn Religion


    Let the Promo train begin.

    Your move Mr West

    Anyway, nice single. Not a big fan of this yet but, its the single. It doesn’t really matter. Its one of the album pushers. And judging by the tune it will do its job. . . . . . . . . Damn

    I wonder if Cole would of hap Left Eye rap a……… Eh fuck it. It will just make it worse thinking about “What if”.


    Your move Mr. West

  • Dude cant make bad songs. Sick

  • vvho

    meanwhile, kanye has cheif keef on his album..

  • “Smoke-A-Lot”



  • Capricorn Religion

    Typo *Had*

  • youngtoona

    jcole is killing shit on a daily basis this shit is fucking fire man

  • StarFox64

    i dont see how this could do well as a single with nowadays sound, unless jayz’s team forces it to the radio as every rocnation single…

  • dope

    cole got hit

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Niiiccee ! The boy J. Cole aint playing around.

  • Honestly

    The world needs J Cole…. That’s all that needs to be said. He’s more important than people realize. When it’s all said and done they will see the vision. Pac would be proud of dude

  • Peekay

    SO GOOD. Restores my faith in hip-hop.

  • BxBully21

    What @HONESTLY said !!!! .. 1000%

  • B.Dot

    Good song.

  • heavy

    Cole the genius, he’s bringing next level shit.
    Born sinner album of tha year!!

  • zeee

    This right here is dope



  • DOPE

    MAn this shit is so GOOOOOOOOOOD

  • KD

    That’s my dawg!! (smokey’s voice)
    BORNSINNER, June 18th

  • AyYyyy

    Nobodys Perfect Part 2 basically, lol.

  • M.T

    Dope! cole is 2/2 when it comes to singles. love the choir too. Born Sinner will be album of the year.

  • cosign @ Peekay

  • crysis

    this song will be number one on billboard for sure. J.Cole winning

  • Donn

    Please let Kanye nuts breathe. Cole has to release music Kanye doesn’t. He has proved he makes great music. Both albums are good for HipHop and both are gonna be the best this year

  • JR

    I’m not feeling this song, that coupled with the fact that kanye is gonna have chief keef on his album makes me not care about either one of their albums.

  • Duo

    Cole too real! Born Sinner tho! (old-school hip-hop vibe)

  • the brain trust

    It’s a pretty good song.

    Although the beat is forgettable, I like the TLC hook & adding the choir was a genius move.

    BUT it strikes me as yet another transparent, female pandering single.

    You know, one of those cliched & tragically false, ‘you are beautiful, no matter what they say’ songs.

    Not only is such a message delusional, but it can also be dangerous.

    WOMEN, it’s ok to hate your flaws, it’s ok to want to look & be better (within reason of course).

  • Word

    Cosign @thebrain trust, tho I do like this song a lot, you’re right about your assessment.

    And anyone that says Kanye doesn’t haveto release music is the only one that should be letting someone’s nuts breathe. EVERY artist has to release music, give a damn who you are. Its only the dudes that frequent hip hop blogs daily that’ll know the album is coming out and a lot may not buy. Saying Cole HAS to release music is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. If any artist wants to sell you BETTER release music. Get off Ye dick.

  • Nah, son. “Niggaz Know” was the right look.

  • Born Sinner lehgo

  • Jax

    My only problem is the same issue with Missy on Nobody’s Perfect and Miguel on Power Trip. Cole doesn’t give his features much of a role. He should give them a little longer time on the track. Other than that, this has the potential to be a really huge single for Cole. This is the old Cole with a serious message in his music that his original fans fell in love with.

  • marquice


  • TrueMusic

    I think people will be surprised to see where this goes…. positivity is what the nation needs right now … It is a needed single and will compete heavy with the radio airplays… Nice move andwhat better way than to have TLC on the track to remind everybody of the “Good Ol’e Days” of hip-hop?

  • B

    Born Sinner. Any questions?

  • j

    @thebraintrust “The single’s only the look to sell these niggas the book” and you obviously dont get it… youre saying its okay to hate yourself? people like u is why women are treated like an object in hip hop… in this song hes saying you should embrace your flaws bc no one is perfect (BORN SINNER)… EVEN those “beauty queens” BC they could have personal issues or horrible personalities… the album is gonna be about balance. the dark and the light. you should embrace your flaws not to the point that you look like shit bc that just means you dont have self-love… it saying you shouldnt let your flaws (WHICH in most cases are pointed out by others) bring you down to the point that you live to please others and youre always putting yourself down…

  • j

    @thebraintrust this single is actually saying something…. who gives a shit if “all your bitches love you” if “you aint worried about nuttin” or “you woke up in a new buggatti”…

  • achick


    Yes what J said. I can’t even listen to the radio, garbage overload!

    This single will DO nicely 🙂

  • the brain trust

    @ J

    Nice strawman you created there.

    Not once did I suggest that ‘it’s ok to hate yourself’, but I guess you found it difficult to address any of my actual points.

    ‘people like u is why women are treated like an object in hip hop’

    Yes, because me saying that it’s ok to be concerned about your appearance & your flaws equates to objectification.

    You don’t need to explain the song to me. I heard the same thing you did, I just have a different opinion.

    Useless platitudes like ’embrace your flaws’ don’t help anyone who is actually unhappy & wants to do something about it.

    If you’re unhappy & overweight, don’t ’embrace your flaws’, eat healthy and exercise.

    If you’re unhappy with your crooked smile, get braces & gain confidence.

    AGAIN, as I said before, there is nothing wrong with wanting to address your flaws (within reason).

    I’d rather live in a world where everyone was aware of their flaws & strived to be better, than one where everyone looked hideous and was living a delusional fairytale.

  • TrueMusic

    Just think about this guys!! The Video will be Epic! TLC Cole and a bunch of kids in the street! Hip-Hop!!! And the Kidz Bops Cd will have this too! lol

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  • wouzi

    tuff tune!!!!

  • SoloK

    J Cole 4
    Kanye 0

  • Oj da Cornball

    Really? this is amazing? wow

    it’s an ok song. nothing worth these fake reactions.

    50 does the same exact song with his voice it’ll be his wackest to date.

  • ECU

    This some Cole shit

  • Mr.November

    Song is aiight, just waiting for the album. Give a shit about a message, I want lyrical miracles.

    I agree with @ the brain trust too.

  • ECU

    BORN SINNER!! Kanye you on notice…Cole world, no Yeezus! Watch Cole out sell his idol

  • j

    @thebraintrust i see what you are saying and agree…

    you called it a “female pandering single” and i explained why it isnt.

    the objectification claim came as a result of your wording sounded like that of someone who objectifies women… and people for that matter. But I guess Ibut that’s not what the song is about. Even if interpretation varies – like it should – the concept is clear… of course if YOU are not happy with being fat, lose weight… if YOU are not happy with your teeth, get them fixed.. but there is a difference… if YOU are okay being fat, don’t let the kids bullying in school make you feel lesser and want to lose weight. if YOU are okay with your teeth, dont let that guy you like and is not paying you any mind make you feel you should grin instead of smile. That’s what I meant by embracing your “flaws”. Flaws because that’s what other people call them based on societal standards, but to you they may not be flaws at all… J.Cole’s crooked teeth and unibrow are flaws by societal standards. He could fix those “flaws” to abide and to not let people’s feed on them to bring his self esteem down and damage the image he has of himself… but why let that happen based on other people’s opinion if HE is okay with them. I don’t even think the song as a whole is that great in the first place, so it’s not a fanboy point of view… and I’m built and have an amazing smile by societal standards (cocky, I know), so it’s not the point of view of a couch potato’s with poor dental hygiene/genetic predisposition for crooked teeth… it’s the truth

  • Word

    The more I listen to it, the more I feel like this is gonna be a hit to carry him through another gold plaque and hopefully to platinum. He still has to drop a dope album though.

  • kawsud


  • B.Dot



    Dope concept…dope lyrics..dope production

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    all look like my eyebrows, thick as hell haha

  • watchthethrone

    another knock out. Born Sinner. 6/18/13

  • sawyy3r


    Sounds like a very bad version of kanye west

  • trimmmz

    A lot of struggle bars

  • Despite

    Great message great song.

  • Great message. It’s a good mainstream song that can be played on the radio.

  • ironic

    Heads up to some old school cats squealing that this generation has nothing on back in the days emcees, J Cole is one those younger emcees to restore faith….


    Here is Tonight’s live Special Edition of the ILL Out Radio Show. Download or Stream, it was a great episode.

  • Mister B

    My niggah Cole, most anticipated album of the year. Even Drizzy can top these expectations.

  • jdja

    Retarded racist line SMH

  • KD

    On repeat!!!

  • Ignorant Wisdom

    So until now the 3 songs released of Born Sinner is straight fire this album will be a classic!

  • AfroMendi

    i just h8 the fact Chief Kief is gonna be on kanye west newest album. but i’m surprised by this song so i think really ” This gonna be Cole Summer”. I don’t really believe the fact that Born Sinner will sell more copies but…. the music for sure gonna be better.


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  • slick sick

    J muthafuckin COLE ladies and gentlemen. J muthafuckin COLE!!!! WOOWW