respect his grind and his muisc…better yet, I respect his message

  • About time they dropped a video for this joint!

  • Cyhi has got to be one of the most slept on rappers that’s spittin’ right now. I stumbled across his Royal Flush Mixtape junts and both are nice. I mean, some of the cats out there today don’t have anything in their whole repertoire that compares to his lyrics, delivery, or his beat selection. It’s always a little bit of a puzzle as to how so and so mc makes it to the public ear while mc such and such cant get 3 people to Like his shits Soundcloud even though its better!!

    I’m Super-Lifted. So maybe I am just hearing shit. But then again, maybe I’m hearing shit. Feel me. We on the same surfboard?

  • the brain trust


    Such a shame dude gets slept on

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